Style Guide: What to Wear in Jamaica


I've been babbling on about this holiday since winter.  And I can't believe I'll be jetting off this month!  I'm so excited for my trip to Jamaica, I haven't been back since I was 12!  It's such a big deal for me because my family are from Jamaica.  It's crazy to think that the beautiful island could have been my home if it wasn't for my grandparents migrating. 

My memory of previous trips to Jamaica is so vivid.  I can still recall the excursions, scenery and moments spent on the island.  It'll be my first time as an adult going there, which means I'll be taking full advantage of white rum and many strawberry daiquiris.  

In October it's starting to cool down in England, consequently, I'm really missing the heat.  We had SUCH a great summer here and I'm trying to prolong sunny season by travelling. 

I haven't started packing yet, unlike other eager families members, but I have a few days to scour my wardrobe to resurface my swimsuits, flip-flops and hats.  

But before I dust off my suitcase, I must show you my style options for the holiday. 

I love to create these to help me decide what to wear in Jamaica.  For most holidays all I care about is wearing something lightweight.  Being fashionable is my last worry.  As I am focusing on growing my Instagram I hope my feed will look dreamy!  Well, I have been fantasizing about this holiday for many months so it's totally normal to create a Pinterest board dedicated to it, right?


I'm planning on having braids for this trip, but I've never had them before so I'm excited/nervous for a weird reason.  But as they are quite heavy and long I would like to tie them up in a stylish way.  Printed headscarves would be the most stylish way to get those tresses out of my face.  They can be very versatile for any outfit and I'm hoping to find some pretty ones in markets over there.  Pinterest showed me some clever ways of turning the everyday towel into headscarf. What a lewwwk!


During the holiday all I want to wear is something that lightweight and stylish.  I've experienced many struggles unpeeling clothes off my sweaty back.  I'll be attending a wedding out there, so it was vital to find a formal outfit that can be worn all day.  I love the cut of slip dresses, especially when they have a cowl neckline.  Satin and silky dresses are timeless.  However, the underwear as outerwear style is a modern twist for evening wear.  Don't worry, I won't be wearing white to a wedding.


They definitely remind me of tacky childhood swimwear.  So, I'm not sure why I'm loving this trend.  Has anyone done those questionnaires to see what swimwear suits their figure?  They tell me not to go for ruffles as it'll draw attention to my large bust.  But for this swimwear, I'll happily be fined by the fashion police for deviation.  It may not suit me but who really cares?  I find this style playful and girly.


This is just a quick guide that I thought I'd share before showing what I actually wear in Jamaica. I'm trying to do more style inspiration edits, even though they are time-consuming to create I find it super fun. 

It was quite hard to provide sources for the images I found on Pinterest, I've tried my hardest but if you recognise where they are from, let me know!

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