Kara Chelsie: August 2018

The Hills Reboot Style


The Hills Reboot Style

If you haven't heard that MTV's The Hills is coming back, then 'you're a sucky person'.  Our beloved post-The OC and the pre-Kardashian reality show is making a comeback.  Sadly, some familiar faces won't be returning.  But I am ready to watch Valley girl drama!  Whether this reboot is a good idea or not, what I'm looking forward to the most are the outfits.

I used to be obsessed with Californian preppy and beachy fashion.  I thought if my wardrobe was filled with Hollister cardigans and Abercrombie & Fitch crop tops then all my troubles would fade away.  Thinking back on it now I find it such a cringey look.  Ugh... How did I love that?! I guess that's the normal feeling when you look at things you used to love... old styles, old music taste, old relationships...  It was The Hills that made me realised I wanted to be a fashion journalist.  Do you remember Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port working in Teen Vogue?  Even though that was all set up, it looked so admirable to me.  Fun fact: the first Teen Vogue magazine I ever bought had Lauren and Whitney on the cover!  I thought Lauren's style was everything.  It was fun, girly and original.  I've been watching The Hills Boxset again on my high dynamic range television, but this time around, I don't have butterflies when I see their fashion style.  It all looks wrong.  Who said that we can wear belts around our waist?  What celebrities made it trendy to wear low rise jeans and a crop top?  That's the thing about fashion.  10 years seem like 100 years.  Fashion moves on so quickly.

The Hills girls; Lauren, Audrina, Heidi, LC, Whitney, LC and Kristin were THE it girls of LA.  It was Laguna Beach over Calabasas.   So, to pay respect to MTV's The Hills, where I found my passion for fashion, in this blog post I'm going to give their styles a reboot.

I have created two updated versions of two outdated outfits.  If you like this idea, let me know in the comments and perhaps I'll do more!  I found this so fun and challenging.


Lauren Conrad

Lauren and Kristin were the Queen B's of the show so I have decided to fashion police their outfits.

Lauren's look is cute, preppy and involves signature looks.  Her headband is iconic.  Alice in Wonderland would be jealous of the number of headbands Lauren had.  I loved that she would accessorise everything including her hairstyles.

If she wasn't wearing a summery dress, she'd be wearing a checkered shirt with skinny jeans - the ultimate outfit for a Starbucks dash.  She saved her pretty dress for cocktails at Les Deux.

For my updated version, I decided to choose that white dress outfit in the photo below.

Square neck made a come back last year, so I copied the same neckline.  Square necklines are so flattering so I was happy with that choice.  Instead of a belt around the waist, I found a dress with a built-in crossover belt-thingy. Alice bands aren't really on trend, but satin/silk hair accesories are! I wrapped a golden satin around my ponytail.

Kristin Cavallari

Now on to Kristin Cavallari.  She wasn't my favourite character on the show.  Even though she was a latecomer, she became the star of the show after Lauren's departure.  Her style was sophisticated and sassy.  She would totally rock a blazer and big round sunglasses to any event.  What she wore absolutely represented her personality.  She was manipulative and outspoken.  She wore darker and serious clothing.

The outfit I am re-doing is the blazer and denim shorts one.  Wow, beach on the bottom, business on the top.  Who would have thought of this combo?!  But I'm not here to judge, I am here to update!

The black blazer is still a staple piece in many wardrobes, but checkered blazers are the must-have!  I paired this blazer with a black bodysuit underneath alongside my denim skirt.  Denim skirts are more popular nowadays, I save denim shorts for hotter and holiday occasions.  Look at Ms Cavallari rocking THAT Alexander Wang bag.  I was obsessed with that particular one for so many years.  I still think that bag looks great.  I wonder if anyone is selling their old bag for a cheaper price now?  Lately, the bags are smaller.  We're recreating the 00s little shoulder bag.  Studs aren't seen much on the streets but this pearly bag is!

I've never done this before so I hope you enjoyed this style reboot!  Let me know if you found this fun and what other TV series wardrobe should I do next?

Thanks for reading!

1st Outfit

Dress - ASOS
Hairscarf - Thrifted
Shoes - Marks & Spencer

2nd Outfit

Blazer - Nasty Gal
Bodysuit - Topshop
Skirt - Zara
Bag - Topshop

Everything's gonna be all white


Everything's gonna be all white

In one of my recent blog post, I mentioned how I've been obsessing over one colour outfits.  Colour coordinating overload!  Out of all the colours in the Pantone colour chart, I am drawn to wearing all white.

White can seem to intimate some.  The fashion Gods proclaimed it to be unflattering because it broadens you and shows all your wanted and unwanted curves.  Have you ever heard that only a certain size can wear white?  With this in mind, white's opponent - black - is said to be slimming.  But I don't dress to hide or flaunt any assets of mine.  So those style myths fly right over my head.

When wearing all white, you are doomed to show the public what your mouth missed when you ate lunch, what you sat down on the tube or the area your dog decided to put their paws on.

Considering all the unavoidable woes of wearing white, it is still my favourite colour combo.  And the reasons why is way more meaningful than looking summery.

As I love to incorporate lifestyle and fashion I'm experimenting with certain styles to compliment my beliefs.  I've been trying to be more minimal in my life.  In terms of practising zero waste, getting rid of old clothes/belongings and having a less hectic lifestyle.

White reminds me of being uncomplicated and effortless.  I am still taken back how bold and bright I look styling with this colour.   Even though you could see a make-up stain on my shirt, I feel clean.  As this is a belief of mine, I'm integrating it into my style to bring more meaning into fashion.  I believe style tells a story, therefore, I am creating a picture with clothes.  

Not only does white make me feel mindful, it makes me feel sophisticated.  It looks like I am a responsible adult that can coordinate an outfit impeccably.  I've realised that white linen is a grown-up fabric so I am trying to add pieces into my wardrobe as well as.  The reason why I love to feel sophisticated is because I have an issue about looking younger than I really am.  I know I should embrace the baby face but I also want to be taken seriously. 

It's crazy how one colour can bring up so many connotations and emotions.  But there are other practical reasons why you'll think white is just right. 

Doesn't my outfit remind you a bit of Wimbledon?  It was set as a rule to wear this colour because when the sweat comes on to the fabric, it is not obvious to see.  As this is the hottest summer I've ever experienced.  White is the best colour to wear when the sun is pounding down on you.

But if the idea of being too matchy-matchy makes your eye twitch, make sure you play around with different textures and cuts.

In this instance, you are what you wear.  The symbolism of wearing white must have come from somewhere.  Even if the correlation of feeling lighter whilst wearing white can be seen as trivial, I'll still rock it.

This may be a coincidence, or maybe I'm becoming more magical but this blog post is the 111th in my drafted and published posts.  The moment I wrote the title for this I checked to see what number I was on... If you don't hear from me again it's because I've won the lottery and I'm travelling around the world.  All thanks to wearing white.

Shirt - Zara
Skirt - American Apparel
Watch - Gucci
Earrings - Forever21
Trainers - Marks & Spencer