Are fashion bloggers even writing about fashion nowadays?


I'm struggling at the moment with my blog content.

Sorry to start this post on a downer. 

Why my posts have become sparse lately has something to do with... "I don't know what the hell to write about!"

My all-time favourite bloggers (coincidentally they don't blog frequently anymore) Park & CubePandora Sykes and Style Rookie presented stories in every blog post.  Blogs were like fashion diaries.  They gave me great advice on how to wear round sunglasses without looking like Elton John. 

I admired how they made fashion writing sound poetic and thought-provoking.

But nowadays, I struggle to find fashion bloggers who even talk about fashion.

Is it too superficial to go on about what we wear?  Is it materialistic to admit it makes us sad when we were the same-old clothes?

The reason why I clicked on your blog post was to see why you decided to pair a trucker hat with that little black dress.  I wasn't expecting you to tell me 5 ways how you practice gratitude.

I read so many lifestyle posts when I actually want to read about fashion.  I've been buying Vogue again because I'm not getting my fashion fix from blogs anymore.

There are so many 'think pieces' lately, however I'm just looking for an escapism.

I too am guilty of writing lifestyle instead of fashion writing.  I've got a great outfit on (if I say so myself), and I can't think of what to say about it. 

I could discuss how the 70s style inspires my modern-day wardrobe.  Or how jumpsuits are the best for all occasions.

But do you want to read about that?

I believe we've been seeing 'think pieces' lately because it makes bloggers sound like a writer.  It's more serious to write about 'How I Stay Organised' instead of look at me in my Topshop jumpsuit that I bought for £24 but now it's in sale for £10.

So, when did blogging become so serious?

Let me know if you've noticed this too.

Are we struggling to develop topics about fashion or are we embarrassed to develop topics about fashion?

After all, I know I will write some lifestyle posts because I enjoy writing them.  But fashion writing is what drew me to blogging, so I should continue fashion blogging.

Jumpsuit - Topshop

Shirt - Zara

Trainers - Marks & Spencer

Jewellery - Camden Market and & Other Stories

Watch - Gucci

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