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Ah, it's been a while since my last fashion inspiration mood board. I love creating these because it stops me from buying foolish items and makes me focus on how I want my style to evolve. My last fashion inspiration mood board is still very similar to this one. It shows that my taste hasn't changed much, but also shows I still haven't conquered my own ideal personal style. 


Laziness? Not enough money? Can't find anything I like in shops? Playing it safe?

They all come into thought, but the latter is the biggest problem.

I think when I do some retail therapy, I tend to buy 'safer' options. Items that I know will go with my current wardrobe. Sadly, every day I look in my wardrobe and I feel so uninspired. There isn't a recurring style going on. Just items that all look a bit similar. So I'm making an effort to put more work into my style choices. 

OK, this is First World Problems (well you are reading a fashion blog so what do you expect?). I don't need to change my wardrobe. It's not a necessity, but it generally makes me happier and more motivated when I'm creative with my style. 


Nope, just artistic. 

I have three aspects I'm trying to work on. From now on, when I pop into the store I will consider if this is a safe item or working towards my ideal style?

One Colour, One Outfit

Matchy-matchy isn't a faux pas. It's an Instagram favourite at the moment. All white outfits aren't just for holidays or christenings. They are my same-samey is my favourite at the moment. I will probably try to do an outfit post on how to create a subtle all white combo. 

When you stick to the same colour, it gives you a chance to play around with different textures and cuts. This makes dressing up much more fun. I think if you can pull off 'one colour outfits' you are a pretty stylish person. 

Instead of doing 'all black everything' (which is so easy to do), experiment with blue instead. This could be done. Remember 'double denim'? Look how everyone laughed at that. Now, it's very normal to see.

Even though you're using one colour, I see this as a sophisticated and put together assemble. Co-ordinating skills are put to the test. 

Smart Casual

Maybe it's because I'm growing up. Maybe it's because I'm focusing on careers. Maybe I need to stop saying maybe and just be decisive. 

In my older years, suits, blazers and shirts never looked soooo good. 

I know it's a current trend at the moment. There are so many fashion bloggers posing in their pastel power suits and pairing it with trainers. It's the updated version of smart casual. I have a tendency to look scruffy so this is a style I admire a lot. It looks fun and sophisticated. However, it requires ironing. 

I have yet to find a comfortable blazer/trouser combo and I know it will have to be an 'investment'. I've probably been holding off this style because it is a little more pricey than the others. Quality is key in this look, and you have to pay a lot for quality.

My perfect outfit of 'smart casual' would be a figure-hugging blazer with relaxed straight legged trousers. But no dark colours. I wouldn't wear a shirt underneath because that is way too formal. A slogan tee or even a basic white tee would suit this. Trainers are a must! All white trainers especially.

Parisian Accessories

Dressing like French girls never goes out of fashion. Silk scarves, simple gold jewellery and basket-like bags are on my lust list.

Usually, I'm not obsessed with designer items. Labels aren't my kind of thing. Although I have to admit, I really want a Gucci bumbag now. It's quirky, it's unconventional, it's so me. 

I've been borrowing my mum's Louis Vuitton one and it makes me feel extra special. There's something special about luxury versions of tacky accessories. The fashion pioneers might be rolling in their graves if they saw their slogan on a fanny pack! 

Fashion sunglasses are a must-have. But who would have thought those 90s style thin ones would look cool again? 
Cat-eyed sunglasses are my favourite. It brings a retro essence to all looks. I don't know what glasses shape suit my face, but I'm excited to try out different ones. I normally have a £10 pair of scratched ones neglected at the bottom of my bag. They only see the sun when I'm on holiday. Sunnies never used to appeal to me because I am a scruffy person so they are bounded to get broken.
Now, I see that they can be added to any outfit so I'll be jumping on that bandwagon!


All in all. I want to have a more sophisticated and co-ordinated wardrobe. Adding a bit of classy French but edgy England to my look. Still wanting it to be clean and minimal.

Are there any changes you want to make to your wardrobe? Doesn't have to be on-trend choices!

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