Simple Ways to Reduce Your Waste and Save Money


reduce plastic waste

You may have been hearing a lot about our obsession with unnecessary plastic use lately. Maybe you've even searched how to live a zero waste lifestyle. But lifestyle changes cannot happen so quickly and easily. Adapting small differences to more environmentally friendly choices are more achievable. In this post I highlight some zero waste swaps and also how to save money by doing so. For me, when I know that I'm spending less, habits really do change. It's a double win outcome.

Use Reusable Water Bottles

This one is probably the easiest and most effective household changes. If we are recommended to drink 2L a day, that's a heck of a lot of plastic water bottles to get through each year. Recycling bottles aren't as helpful as you think. Yes, it's better than chucking them in the rubbish or littering. But if there's a healthier and cheaper way to drink water, wouldn't you choose that instead?

I say healthier because the major water brands are deceiving us. Just have a look at this video and the ones in the side column. You'll be pretty disgusted. It turns out that some well-known branded water is worse than tap water. A simple water filter is the safest way to drink water.

Additionally, (sorry to be the bearer of bad news) nasty chemicals from plastic bottles leak into the water you're drinking. Even more of a reason to ditch this habit.

The best way to reduce your waste and also save money is to grab hold of a reusable water bottle like this one.  Ion8 Ultimate Leak Proof Sports Water Bottle has been my new best friend. I carry it around with me everywhere. I haven't bought a single water bottle since. It carries so much, 600ml, and it isn't too heavy to lug around. The secure top ensures me there will be no more double checking to see if the screw cap is tight enough.

I have used reusable containers most of my life. My mum went through a phase of reusable collecting bottles and coffee cups. My previous ones had an issue of becoming a bit smelly after a while. But as this bottle is BPA free, phthalate, non-toxic Tritan this means it reduces those unwanted odours that appear later on.

Use soaps  

It seems as if our habits to reduce waste should be inspired by the lifestyle 50 years ago. OK, so the soap pictured above is covered in plastic, yes - I'm guilty. However, I want to mention how this beauty habit is a game changer! Soap is waaay cheaper than plastic bottle shower gels and cleansers. They last much longer, and you can see when it's coming to an end. Does anyone else hate when bottled gels have an opaque cover so you can't see how much is left? And you know there's a smiggle left but it's no way near the opening!!

Lush do gorgeous soaps and they have real oils and herbs mixed in it. Natural soaps have a wonderful smell. It may just be me, I find there's something special about rubbing soap on my skin. It's like a small massage!

Using soaps can be a fun zero waste swap as you can play around with different scents.

Take more packed lunches  

Now we're taking back to the school days. This low impact lifestyle change can truly save you money. Your pocket will be happy, and the Earth would want to say thank you too. But this means no cling film though. That's another small but dangerous plastic enemy. Try using food wraps like these. They even keep your food fresher than cling film. 

There are countless amounts of food prep and lunch pack ideas on YouTube and Pinterest. Get searching and you'll find affordable healthier meals.

Do less online shopping  

The other day I realised how much unnecessary plastic bags, and also tissue paper, come in a delivery. I know that you can write messages to some brands asking to use less packaging, but if they have a shop, take some time and pay a visit. And how can visiting a store instead of doing online shopping save you money? Those online deals make you spend more money than you initially wanted to spend. When you see 20% you feel obliged to spend a little more because it feels like you're still saving. Go shopping, like the good old days, and don't forget to bring your own shopping bag! Your excuse to go shopping for the afternoon is now accepted because you're reducing plastic waste. At least you can try before you buy! Saves the hassle of going to the post office to return your items too.


These small changes can make a big difference. Soon you'll be a zero waste warrior!

What ways do you try to make a low impact and eco-friendly lifestyle?

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