Trends of 2018: Polka Dots


You guys will start believing that I follow trends now. Honestly, this is probably the first season that I've followed. Maybe because I'm starting to blog more and I'm looking out for trends. But I'm generally agreeing with what's being considered as the must-haves. 

I love it when new trends come up that I haven't experimented with in years. It makes fashion exciting again. 

Polka dots. You've never seen your Instagram feed looking so spotty! I remember they were in fashion around 2007. I bought a white dress with pink dots in a 50s style from H&M. I still have it just in case I go to a Grease themed party. But ever since then, I haven't seen it in stores. Polka dot occasion dresses, yes. Polka dot blouses, yes. But you wouldn't be seeing dots for your casual wardrobe. Those patterns are usually saved for weddings or office wear. 
So. If you think you can't jump on the polka dots trend of 2018 because it is too girly or too posh. Think again. I've got two different ways how to style to suit your taste. 

Who said we can only wear polka dot dresses? Have you tried trousers, tops or jumpsuits? Usually we associate this pattern with fancy and floaty items. Styling it with more comfortable garments makes it easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. Pairing it with a cropped and straight legged jumpsuit, with a tee underneath makes this outfit more tomboy. 

I love this tee. You'll be seeing it everywhere. A subtle but powerful statement is why I love ASOS designs. I have been lusting over graphic tees that have a slogan or symbol around the neckline. Especially for larger cup sized girls like me, having words written across your breastests can be an excuse for peoples' eyes to wonder. 

I was going to style this jumpsuit with a coloured top underneath, but I realised that could make it a bit girly. Keep it simple with a white tee so it dulls down the excessive amount of dots. 

Second style. Who said polka dots have to be black with white dots? Have you tried reversing it? *REVERSE REVERSE* (Cha-cha slide voice).

White with black dots is the indirect way to style this pattern. OK, I have chosen a floaty polka dot item. But this is gorge. It's floaty but it's quirky. This could be paired with endless types of outfits. It's a simple way to jazz up an all-black assemble. 

At first I didn't really like this long length shirt. It reminded me of something Victorian and archaic, which isn't my style at all. When I style it with a contemporary and lavish item, the Louis Vuitton bumbag, I fell in love with it. Pairing dots with slogans or symbols is a fun way to clash patterns. I'm obbbbsessed with designer bumbags. They have altered tacky into extravagant! I recommend these bags for all kinds of outfits. So, you'll be seeing this again!

Talking more on clashing patterns. Polka dots and stripes are offbeat and a distinct way to style your outfit. It turns the old fashioned dots to be modern and mismatched. That'll probably be the next garment attempt I'll try next.

I hope you've enjoyed this guide on how to wear polka dots! Which outfit is your favourite? Have you bought anything dotty and spotty recently?

Photos by Stacey 

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