Kara Chelsie: January 2018

Is it Still Fashionable to Follow Fashion Trends?


Is it Still Fashionable to Follow Fashion Trends?

Second blog post of the year, not bad Kara, not too bad. Sorry, I promise I won't start of every post stating how many I've done so far.

It's been a while since my last fashion blog post. I love doing them a lot, I need to continue it! Hooowever, the photographs were shot in September. I've been too lazy busy and frankly a bit nervous to show the interweb this post! As it was shot in autumn, I must reiterate I don't wear dresses in winter (even thick tights can't stop the breeze) and my jackets are 100x bigger and puffer than this denim one!

So, let's have a chat about the title of this post!

Your immediate answer will be, yes. Fashionable obviously means to keep up to date with trends.

However, I've been thinking differently lately.

I wore the most-loved hat for the winter. Alongside the undoubtedly stylish (and flattering) straight neckline. As well as the U.K's most Instagrammed fashion item - the metallic shoes.

I was pretty chuffed with my assembled outfit. But I still felt like, this has been done before. This doesn't feel authentic.

I've seen a few too many celebrities wear 90s denim jackets and a little black dress. How many fashion bloggers style every outfit with a beret? And ankle boots, when will freaking ankle boots ever go out of style? (Well, hopefully never because that's all I own!)

Every item I wore in this post is in style. Take a look at all the magazines and blogs. Other girls will be dressed like me. I love this outfit, it's cute, and I'll wear it again. But is it fashionable?

Is it something I'd wear to meet up with friends for Friday night drinks? Yes.

Is it something I'd wear to attend an Alexander Wang show at New York Fashion Week (if I had the chance)? Probably not. It's not groundbreaking. It may catch a few glances at but it's not trend-setting.

To me, when I say someone is fashionable, I generally mean they compile clothing in a creative and original way. I used to believe fashionable means following current styles. But the style icons I follow experiment instead of replicate. They stop reading the "must-haves" and the "got-to-buys" lust list.

If fashion is a form of artistic expression, then surely it's more fashionable to create something that deviates from the norm?

For instance, remember when Rihanna started wearing those furry sliders? Our first impressions were “they are disgustingly cool”. It was unique and daring - so fashion darling. But now, they are pretty normal to see. They are still in style, but it’s ‘done before’.

So following fashion trends isn’t really fashionable anymore?

Don't get me wrong. I haven't just done this blog post to criticise myself! I love this outfit, and I hope you do too. But maybe I'd say this is more trendy than fashionable. Yes - that's probably it, trendy because it follows trends.

But alsoooo, don't get me wrong again. I will still wear items that are overused. I love my beret and can't leave the house without it! I'm on the hunt for a pair of red suede or black leather ankle boots, I have found a few pairs on River Island. And this dress won't be my only straight neckline item because Urban Outfitters always smash that 90s casual style.

To answer my own question, because I love to talk to myself, I think it's not really fashionable to follow current styles and imitate what everyone else is wearing. I think a real fashion icon would create something new, or take an alternative twist on a popular trend.

What're everyone else's ideas?


Photography by the brilliant Yossy (blogger & photographer)

Beret, Earrings - Forever 21

Denim Jacket - Gap (from the 90s, gotta it from my mama)

Dress - Urban Outfitters

Boots - Mango

Rings - & Other Stories

Cross Necklace - From The Vatican gift shop, yes, the actual Vatican.

My Favourite TV Series of 2017

My Favourite TV Series of 2017
Hello hello! My first blog post of 2018. 

But this post won't be about my hopes and wishes for the new year. I'm sure you've read a few of those this month. Frankly, I don't have any resolutions this year. My aspirations and goals remain the same as the year before.

In 2017 I watched great TV. The writers, producers, directors and actors are really putting their all into TV series. As much as I love going to the cinema, there's something comforting about watching your favourite show back-to-back at home.

This is a pretty hefty post because I spent a lot of time sitting on my arse this year. Quite a few shows on this list are Netflix originals. And there’s a reason why. Yes, it's satisfying to binge-watch but I find their original series compelling, daring and authentic.

In this post, I'll be reviewing my likes, dislikes and if I can be bothered to watch the next season. I must warn you, this is a long post! But if you're interested in any of these series then scroll down to find them.

Game of Thrones
Walking Dead
Big Little Lies
Sneaky Pete
American Vandal
Rick & Morty
Big Mouth
Stranger Things
The Handmaid's Tale


Why I liked it: My dad recommended it to me and said it’s similar to Breaking Bad. I found it was way tenser. A nuclear family including nice-dad (Jason Bateman) are in dilemma with a drug lord and money laundering. My habit of biting my nails resurfaced. Every ending of each episode left you fearful of what may happen next. The large reservoir of Ozark, Missouri, is a dramatic backdrop in the dark crime thriller.

Things I didn’t like: yet another moody, rude but very attractive teenage daughter. Let’s get more positive and dynamic young girl characters and divert away from stereotypes, yeah?

Will I watch the next season? : Yes, absolutely. I’d love to see what happens in season 2. They left it on a massive cliffhanger.


Why I liked it: Purely for the unbelievable true events. To me, it shows Pablo Escobar from two points of view. A menacing terrorist, as well as a Robin Hood figure. I also love watching it because I get to reminisce about my trip to Medellin. Best city ever. I’m only on season 2, and I haven’t seen the latest season yet. I love witnessing how his men, workers and allies turn against him. How his family tell him to stop as they already have millions and millions of money. But his drive for power was unstoppable. He was the living proof of the deadly sin - greed.

Things I didn’t like: It’s all my fault. Sometimes I would daydream and forget to pay attention to the subtitles. Apart from my lack of paying attention, there’s nothing else.

Will I watch the next season? I heard it focuses more on the Cali cartel. Which sounds entertaining and informative. But I’m more interested in Pablo Escobar at this moment. So I might watch season 3.

Game of Thrones

Why I liked it: Now, this will turn into a bit of an essay on why I like it. But I don’t just like it. I’m fascinated by it. When season 7 came out I was addicted. I would watch 3-4 breakdowns, theories and analysis of each episode on YouTube. I know some scenes fly right past my head and there are references that I have forgotten about, so it’s vital for me to understand every detail. It’s complex, it’s unpredictable and it’s intoxicating. Just talking about it gives me the shivers (I’m in total geek mode right now).

Things I didn’t like: It can get confusing. Characters look the same and there have been so many episodes that I have forgotten some plot lines. Again, that’s my lack of paying attention. But hey, I'm not the only one who finds it confusing!

Will I watch the next season? Well, I’m already watching videos about season 8 predictions and I nearly punched a wall when I found out it’ll come out in 2019.

Walking Dead

Why I liked it: This section should be 'why I used to like it'. It used to have startling scenes and elaborative characters. Now it’s just a worn-out crime drama. I was obsessed watching them survive a post-apocalyptic world. It had elements of horror that made me only watch it in the daytime. The latest seasons have been lacklustre. Focusing too much on the Disney-esque baddy Negan. He's no way near as interesting as the Governor, or even the walkers. The only thing I love is Rick and Michonne’s relationship. That’s about it.

Things I didn’t like: I won’t repeat myself again haha.

Will I watch the next season? I’m gonna have to because I have come so far. I must find out how the writers want to end this world. I will watch it, but forcefully.

Big Little Lies

Why I liked it: Probably the Best TV Series of 2017 for me. It was so gripping, beautiful and the best 'whodunit' plot line. Whilst watching it I was writing essays and my dissertation. Maybe it brought me so much excitement because it was the one thing I looked forward to each day. It’s a dark drama but set in the always sunny and always blue Californian Big Sur. The star-studded, and predominantly female, cast acted exceptionally. It would be a crime to say which actress was the best. What makes it stand out from the rest was the soundtrack. The soundtrack had me playing Alabama Shakes and Janis Joplin for weeks. This would be my most recommended series for this year. It’s so good I might even read the novel it was adapted from.

Things I didn't like: Absolutely nothing, but I do have a recommendation that will make it slightly even better for next season!

Will I watch the next season? YES! The biggest yes of them all! I just hope they don't drag on the murder plotline. It's done with, and it happened. I think that's where The Affair went wrong; they tried to make it into a crime drama when it was actually just a drama. I find the lives of Big Little Lies women more interesting than anything else. There were some good subplots that could be developed a bit more for season 2.

Sneaky Pete

Why I liked it: I love Giovanni Ribisi’s face. You know, the guy that also plays Phoebe's brother in Friends? Don’t know why, but his facial expressions are mesmerising. Anyho, the concept of Sneaky Pete is brill. Faking an identity is always a must-watch. I also really like the family he’s pretending to be a part of. The show is witty, easy to watch and it can get quite tense.

Things I didn’t like: I don’t know how long of the “they can’t know who I really am” storyline I can take. Every nail-biting moment was just about his identity nearly being revealed. The same-old stressful scenario is replayed. Plus, the side storylines aren’t really enthralling.

Will I watch the next season? Probably not, a few episodes were good enough. I forgot what happened in the one I just watched. 

American Vandal

Why I liked it: It’s a spoof of crime dramas and another whodunnit series. It’s really damn funny. Quite refreshing to watch after you’ve seen a few too many serious series. It’s basically a mockumentary on who spray-painted dicks on teachers cars. Yep. A whole series just about that. So stupid yet so interesting. I thought it was all a joke, but I found myself calling Leo saying who I think did it and what their true motive was.

Things I didn’t like: Nothing. It’s a pretty fun comedy with a crime drama twist. However the ending was a bit disappointing, but I won’t spoil it!

Will I watch the next season? Hell yeah. Just for the lols.

Rick & Morty

Why I liked it: Because it’s the best adult cartoon show out there. It’s crude, vulgar and puts Family Guy to shame. The space travelling and abnormal characters make it quite nostalgic. Reminds me of Futurama and Adventure Time. Each episode is pretty ingenious. The writers must have been high on bath salts to create those worlds and scenarios. My favourite episodes are when we see snippets of different storylines, like when Rick shows Morty his memories that were deleted because they were too messed up. 

Things I didn’t like: Not enough episodes! I need more!

Will I watch the next season? Yes yes yes yes yes yes YES!

Big Mouth

Why I liked it: When I finished watching Rick & Morty I needed some more adult cartoons in my life. Luckily Big Mouth was released. It showcases the first-hand experiences in teenage-hood. I forgot how awkward and unclear puberty was. Sex-ed, parents or textbooks didn’t really explain everything we needed to know. But I’m not sure Big Mouth is aimed at pubescent girls and boys. It was a fantastic lighthearted comedy, with cringe-worthy moments. And you will absolutely love the Hormone Monsters.

Things I didn’t like: I got a bit bored of it towards the end of the series. Not sure if I even finished it? Some characters were quite annoying and it does get a bit childish, but it’s a great show altogether.

Will I watch the next season? Definitely.

Stranger Things

Why I liked it: This is a pretty much well-loved show so I won't bore you on why it's so good. I love the retro setting, the music, cars and clothes. Even though it isn’t much of a horror, it made me realise that I do like the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up. I think season 2 was more of a thriller and spookier than the first. I loved it.

Things I didn’t like: I love Elle, but sometimes I find her character frustrating. I know she’s a special character, but there are other characters I would like to see more of.

Will I watch the next season? Oooooh yes!


Why I liked it: it’s the only British show on the list. How awful. It can’t be. I’m sure there are others. I do watch many British documentaries and lifestyle shows. Motherland was on BBC 2, and when my mum told me to watch it, I was hesitant. A comedy about mums didn’t really catch my interest, but I gave it a chance. This was one of the best comedies I’ve ever watched. Honestly. It was so silly and cringey. It made you want to help certain characters out, but it was so entertaining to watch them mess up. And the main character; her facial expressions had me in hysterics. Such a brilliant actress. I really recommend it if you missed out watching it.

Things I didn’t like: Sometimes it got really silly, but I still loved each episode.

Will I watch the next season? Of course! I will make sure all my friends watch it too.


Why I liked it: I’m sure my reason for this will be similar to others. I love the authentic personality of Issa. And you can tell it was written by a black women because the characters divert from stereotypes. Issa is so loveable and a bit twisted. I could really relate to her. It's the first show in years where I can relate to another black female. I eventually warmed to Molly, because I didn’t really 'get' her in the beginning. Nevertheless, the storyline throughout is believable and intriguing. Oh, this is another show where the soundtrack is killer. Just be warned to have your Shazam on standby.

Things I didn’t like: I just thought season 2 was better than the first.

Will I watch the next season: Yes!!!!

The Handmaids Tale

Why I liked it: By the amount of awards it has been nominated for and won, you know this is a badass show. It’s one of a kind. It’s strange but familiar. The abandonment of women’s rights is shocking, but everything Margaret Atwood wrote in this did actually happen in history. I read the novel years ago, but I still question why women are captured like that and can’t escape? It's so unbelievable, but believable at the same time. Certain scenes reflect issues of sexism at this current time. It’s dramatic and emotional. I know film students will analyse this show in years time. It's already a classic.

Things I didn’t like: The first few episodes were a bit slow but apart from that, it’s incredible.

Will I watch the next season: Of course! It’s a must.