Drinky Poos: Favourite London Bars


Hello everyone! It’s been a while, but I’m back with a mouth-watering blog post!

I’ve just started working full-time so finding inspiration and the energy to blog has been quite difficult. I also had a birthday! That was fun. Actually, probably one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had. Just wish I could remember the last few hours of it…

Anyho! I’ve been around town lately and I thought I should mention some awesome and lesser-known drinking spots! I tried to incorporate places that aren’t just about drinks and more about a great spot for socialising.

Let’s begin!


This is the most bar/pub-like spot on the list. They specialise in brilliant craft beers. An array of tasty options. Just bang in the middle of Old Street and Shoreditch, this may be the most hipster joint in this blog post.

I really loved the size of Craft Beer Co. It was bright and airy. Not cold and dark like most pubs. The enthusiastic staff had a great knowledge of what beer could tickle our fancy. If you aren’t a beer lover I’d say start off with Indian Pale Ale, they are pretty refreshing and light.


Noelle (check out her blog!) and I attended the launch event of Canova Hall in Brixton. You’d never believe this fancy art-deco bar was right in the centre of bustling Brixton. The interior is the most superior in this guide. I felt like I was somewhere in New York. Live jazz music serenaded us as we munched on gorgeous and creatively arranged canapés.

This is the bar where you’d go to catch up with an old school friend. Their gin and tonic will go perfectly with your deep conversations. Wood-oven pizzas will also make you forget about your weekday blues.

They also serve bottomless brunch! If you haven’t experienced (yes it is an experience) boozy brunches yet, I’d highly recommend starting off here… or even this one

Canova Hall is a spot for all your needs, they even provide 'hot desking'. Unlimited amounts of coffee and speedy wifi will make working from home seem so uncool.


So when I found out this bad boy was around the corner from me, I had to check it out.

Beer + Burger is straightforward and brilliant for the indecisive foodies. Simply order your beer and burger, and let them work their magic. 

Well, they do have a gigantic list of beers and I spent 10 minutes choosing my one. As you walk in, you’re greeted by colourful cans of beer. It must take months to try out each one! At the bar, there were, even more, options of draught beers with funny names. You won’t see a Carling or Stella here, it’s a chance to try out local or obscure brews.

The burgers were gorgeous. Not fussy or fancy. Good meat and wicked toppings, alongside tasty sides. We had chicken wings (of course), cheesy and gravy fries as well as fried jalapenos.

I’m drooling as I type this.

I already want to go back.


If you’re looking for casual date night or wanting to do something different from brunching, (but who could ever be bored of brunching?) I’d suggest Bounce.

There’s no better way to burn off the calories after an afternoon of drinking.

Leo and I took part in a few games of underground ping pong. Some may have a glass of water in between sets, we carried on knocking back our pints. This is an alternative drinky-poo than your usual bar. Instead of our usual chats, we were giggling our heads off trying to pat the ball underneath a raised leg.

Even a group of friends would enjoy this. Doesn’t have to be a couples thing. It would be a great place for a birthday party.


Yet another venue surprisingly in Brixton. I didn’t spend long here, but it was a great visit.

I’d recommend going on a Friday night, getting a pitcher or two to share with friends. I didn’t get to photograph much of the rooftop bar, but it’s exactly how you’d imagine it. 

Brixton Beach holds beach huts serving street food, live band performing salsa, sand scattered over the place (trying to get into your trainers) and lots and lots of colours. Feels like you’re somewhere very exotic. And then you hear sirens, oh no... you’re in London.

I love this picture. I love the way how Freddie is carefully watching Caroline pour equal amounts of Pimm’s into our cups! Drinks are a good price, especially as it was free to get in and on a Friday night.

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