Vogue: The Gown - Book Review


In my room, you'd find a lot of clothes squashed into my wardrobe, plants galore, old CDs (dating back to 1998) and fashion books. 

I remember when I first started getting into fashion, I persuaded my parents that I needed these books. I had to know the difference between Dior and Valentino. French and Italian fashion. What are timeless pieces and why were the 80s so great? 

After studying my A-Level textiles I haven't picked up those books since. I've left them on the shelf to collect dust and look pretty. I refuse to sell or give them away. Even though I've read cover to cover and they are quite thick books that take up a lot of room. I hold onto them like trophies, as they remind me of a time when I found my passion.

I have been very fortunate this week.
I was able to rekindle my love.
Vogue: The Gown.
By Jo Ellison.

It's difficult to recall the last time I read a book to find inspiration (apart from self-help and motivational ones). I normally scour Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest for new visions. 

Vogue: The Gown reminded me how breathtaking fashion can be. It's not always about trends or what celebrities are wearing. The stunning photographs highlight that fashion is art. Wearable art. Something created purely by imagination and creativity. 

Normally when I look at magazines I can't help but gawk at the models. Not because I'm obsessed with their beauty or thinness, but because their faces are more prominent than the outfit. In this book, I can't keep my eyes off the gowns.

Reading Vogue: The Gown, I flicked through (actually I never 'flick', I treat all fashion books like its holy, I delicately turn the pages) in awe. I wish I could capture all of my favourite creations but this post would be immense. As the title suggests, you'd find inspiring and beautiful gowns that have been featured in Vogue over the years. Magical gowns that look like a fantasy. Bold and alluring silhouettes that cause drama. Outlandish and striking bundles of wild inventions that are somehow formed into dresses. You'll see it all.

 I was also noticing that some of my favourite photographers were featured such as Tim Walker, Nick Knight, Patrick Demarchelier and Mario Testino. Seeing Walker's photography brought back so much nostalgia. A memory of a simpler time when fashion, to me, was exciting and new!

I'm pretty sure this hefty book (oh did I mention that it is pretty mammoth?!) will not collect dust or be used for decoration. But by all means, if you want a glorious book for your coffee table then this will impress your guests!

I will turn to Vogue: The Gown to remind myself of the pleasure and excitement fashion can bring. It is an art form and not just a lavish interest. This book is a celebration of imagination brought to life. When I'm feeling uninspired or down-hearted by the disadvantages of being a creative, this book will remind me why I fell in love with fashion. 

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