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Vogue: The Gown - Book Review


Vogue: The Gown - Book Review

In my room, you'd find a lot of clothes squashed into my wardrobe, plants galore, old CDs (dating back to 1998) and fashion books. 

I remember when I first started getting into fashion, I persuaded my parents that I needed these books. I had to know the difference between Dior and Valentino. French and Italian fashion. What are timeless pieces and why were the 80s so great? 

After studying my A-Level textiles I haven't picked up those books since. I've left them on the shelf to collect dust and look pretty. I refuse to sell or give them away. Even though I've read cover to cover and they are quite thick books that take up a lot of room. I hold onto them like trophies, as they remind me of a time when I found my passion.

I have been very fortunate this week.
I was able to rekindle my love.
Vogue: The Gown.
By Jo Ellison.

It's difficult to recall the last time I read a book to find inspiration (apart from self-help and motivational ones). I normally scour Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest for new visions. 

Vogue: The Gown reminded me how breathtaking fashion can be. It's not always about trends or what celebrities are wearing. The stunning photographs highlight that fashion is art. Wearable art. Something created purely by imagination and creativity. 

Normally when I look at magazines I can't help but gawk at the models. Not because I'm obsessed with their beauty or thinness, but because their faces are more prominent than the outfit. In this book, I can't keep my eyes off the gowns.

Reading Vogue: The Gown, I flicked through (actually I never 'flick', I treat all fashion books like its holy, I delicately turn the pages) in awe. I wish I could capture all of my favourite creations but this post would be immense. As the title suggests, you'd find inspiring and beautiful gowns that have been featured in Vogue over the years. Magical gowns that look like a fantasy. Bold and alluring silhouettes that cause drama. Outlandish and striking bundles of wild inventions that are somehow formed into dresses. You'll see it all.

 I was also noticing that some of my favourite photographers were featured such as Tim Walker, Nick Knight, Patrick Demarchelier and Mario Testino. Seeing Walker's photography brought back so much nostalgia. A memory of a simpler time when fashion, to me, was exciting and new!

I'm pretty sure this hefty book (oh did I mention that it is pretty mammoth?!) will not collect dust or be used for decoration. But by all means, if you want a glorious book for your coffee table then this will impress your guests!

I will turn to Vogue: The Gown to remind myself of the pleasure and excitement fashion can bring. It is an art form and not just a lavish interest. This book is a celebration of imagination brought to life. When I'm feeling uninspired or down-hearted by the disadvantages of being a creative, this book will remind me why I fell in love with fashion. 

The Truth About My Age


The Truth About My Age

A few weeks back I was listening to the High Low podcast (click here to read more of my favourite podcasts!). Dolly Alderton convinced us that she has a friend who was born at the age of 40 years old. She explained throughout their friendship her bestie has always had a very mature taste and is mocked for being a granny. 

This made me wonder about my age.

My most frequent emojis on my phone are: pink heart with those yellow diamonds, love heart eyes face, rolling eyes face, unamused face, lightning bolt, the shooting/swirly star and grandma emoji.

The grandma emoji is my favourite representation of myself. It's the one I put next to "sorry I didn't reply, I fell asleep," text.

I'm 22 years old. And that's certain. Sorry if the title was a bit of a clickbait, my passport and birth certificate all confirmed that I was born in 1994. 

I'm just pondering - what age do I act like? 

I get told that I look like I'm about 16-19 years old. Sometimes even 14, but I'm not quite sure if they are over-exaggerating. I try so hard not to flare my nostrils when people say, "22? But you look like a baby!" The other day my spinning instructor guessed I was about 21 years old. I wanted to hug her, but I resisted, I was drenched in sweat. Also, that would be weird to hug someone because they nearly guessed your age correctly. 

I assure myself that looking young is a good thing. It's okay because I'll look 28 when I'm actually 48. It's okay because I'm sure Selena Gomez gets this all time. And it's okay that I get ID for buying alcohol or lottery tickets (FYI you have to be 16 to buy them). 

But when it comes down to my personality. I'm pretty sure I'm not 22. 

Things I like to do that a normal 22-year-old wouldn't:
  • Drink Gin - So it's becoming a popular beverage lately. But I'm pretty sure it was only me asking for a double gin and tonic at the student club, whilst Pitbull and David Guetta played in the background.

  • Watching Location, Location, Location - When I was young I absolutely remember moaning to my parents about how boring it was. Over a decade later I find myself addicted. Most people binge watch Game of Thrones, Friends or Narcos. Mine is Phil and Kirstie working their magic on finding people's dream properties. 

  • DISCO DISCO DISCO - My current music genre obsession is D-I-S-C-O. I found myself blasting "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie" at the gym to get me pumped this week. 

  • Cancelled Plans - "Sorry Kara, I can't make it anymore tonight!" is music to my ears.

  • Not Completely Understanding How Tinder Works - So once you've swiped 'no' they are gone forever? And why doesn't anyone browse through all of their photos, one picture will suffice?

  • In A Long Term Relationship - Not sure if this is a mature thing about my life, but we act like a married couple.

  • In Love With The Countryside - I can picture myself living miles away from everyone else. I wouldn't want to spend my entire life like that, but I would like to be surrounded by nature and silence. 

  • Obsession With Plants - I have 9 babies in my room (my plants are my children and yes, I name them). That's just in my room. I have managed to plot some other younguns around the house. Replotting plants and buying pots give me goosebumps. I'm always on the look out for more to add to my collection. I aspire to have a house like Kate's from Tribe And Us. I'm definitely going to do a blog post on the type of plants I have already.

  • Pub Sessions - A night at the pub would be more amusing if I could afford more than two pints. I end up hugging on to each glass, slowly sipping the warm brew. 

  • Sleeping Before 12am - *INSERT GRANNY EMOJI* But honestly, try it out for a week. You'll feel sooo much better. I'm actually a 'morning person', but how would I have known if I woke up just before midday all the time? 

  • Going On Pointless Walks - Talking and walking... the best kind of conversations. 

  • I Get Cold Easily - Pass the cardigan! You'll find scarfs and hats in my bag, whatever the weather.

  • Adore Everything Vintage - cars, films, fashion... you name it! My family have known that for years. Anything in an archaic style they say "Kara would like that!"

  • My mindset - If you didn't get the memo already I am genuinely a mature person. The best advice I have received is from people older than me. I tend not to worry about the future because I know I'm in my prime time and everything is going to be ok

What age would you think I was if you just read those bullet points? I'd say over 40 years old! 

Hope you enjoyed this little getting to know me post. If you had to ponder on your actual age or the age of your personality, what would your number be?

Top, Necklace - Mango
Skirt - Zara 
Boots - Marks & Spencer