Stagolee's Restaurant Review - Southern American Cuisine


The deep south has landed in Fulham. And it's hotter than you can imagine.

The Texan and Tennessee natives Ashley James and Jordan Harris have graced London with an exciting new flavour. Stagolee's - an authentic southern American chicken and liquor joint.

I'm tired, so very tired, of lacklustre and soul-less meals. Isn't southern food supposed to be cooked with spice, comfort and tastes just like Mama makes it? So why is London, the foodie capital lacking a true representation of African-American cuisines? We know all about their music and culture, but we cannot taste their lifestyle.

I was so delighted to have been invited to Stagolee's Restaurant tasting night. It was fantastic to have met another food blogger, Haydy!

My bestie, Ruby and I entered the hot joint leaving our calorie-counting minds behind because we were ready for the comforting taste of the deep south.

We were treated to the familiar fried chicken with mac n cheese. However, the flavours that bounced on my taste buds weren't so familiar. I thought it would be like any other chicken and mac I've had before. I'm glad I was so wrong.

The hot chicken didn't burn my mouth, as Ashley warned us to eat with caution. But I could taste the heat coming from the delicious and enticing spices. The mac was creamy and cheesy and soaked in goodness. At long last, I had an opportunity where I could try Collard Greens! I've heard about it in so many rap songs, and now I know why they're all singing about it.

After the starters, deviled eggs and cheesy crap dips, I WAS FULL. Full to the brim. No more could travel down my oesophagus.

And then they brought out a team of key lime pie and fried doughnut balls. They sat there, looking smug, they knew I couldn't resist. Somehow the key lime pie slid into my stomach very easily. Could it be the smoothness of the cream or the bittersweetness from the lime? I don't know. Ashley must have put some magic in her food.

She assures to everyone that everything on the menu is made from scratch. She was proud of that. And so she should be. Everything is guaranteed to be made from her love and passion for food. She created Stagolee's menu from her grandma's recipes. You can't get any more authentic than that.

There is one thing that makes me want to come back to Stagolee's faster than you can say, 'get in ma belly!' Moonshine. Yep, they serve Moonshine there. Remember those hillbillies in The Simpsons that always seem drunk? They're chugging on a bottle with three X's written on it. The magical Moonshine. It reminded me of whisky but less harsh and a lot smoother. Their moonshine cocktails are notoriously impressive. Jordan offered Ruby a shot of that magic and then she had to chase it down with watermelon juice. She did not even flinch - she asked for more.

And already, Ruby has been back! She enjoyed Stagolee's Bottomless Brunch. She texted me saying she got 'absolutely f**king hammered' and sent me a picture of her food captioning it 'f**k yes'.
I guess we can imagine she loved it, even more, the second time round.

I can't get the hot fried chicken flavours off my taste buds. I think that's a message I need to have a second visit. Am I an addict now? Let's call it chicken crack.

If you're ever in the West London area or need a 'pick me up' meal packed with sensational and authentic food. Go to Stagolee's London Restaurant. Also, you'll fall in love with the staff there. Their excitable personality's match the joy of the food.

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