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If you can't find me behind a computer, applying to a galore of internships and graduate jobs, then I'll probably be sipping a pale ale in a beer garden somewhere. AH - the life of a hipster in unemployment. Bliss.

You must be an Instagram rookie if you haven't seen a single picture of someone enjoying their late afternoon at one of the Pergola branches. 

I don't want to jinx this, but this may be my favourite summer in London. I think it's because I've missed this city so much when I was in Coventry. There are more and more summertime joints popping up around Shoreditch and Brixton. And for me, the most indecisive person, it's becoming harder to figure out where date nights or brunches should be at. When I pick up Time Out London Magazines, I dog-ear or tear out articles on the "must-check-out" hotspots. 

But Pergola on the Roof has been at the top of my list for a while. 

The closest one to me is the Shepherd's Bush branch right next to Westfield, which has been open for a while. But I was in the mood to check out the Pergola on the Roof Paddington Central. Paddington reminds me of busy streets, St Mary's Hospital and heaps of tourists bumping into you. Leo hasn't been there before because it's not really a place I'd show off to people. 

I heard that 'KERB' food market is incredible there, and the environment has spruced up a lil. So, why not check it out?!

As we got off at Paddington Station via Bakerloo line I saw a bunch of twenty-something-year-old girls, wearing mirrored Ray-Bans, rocking the latest Topshop floral dresses paired with white converses. They were dressed for day-drinking. 

"They must be going to Pergola," I whispered to Leo.

"How do you know?" Leo replied.

"Well, they're obviously not going to St. Mary's Hospital..."

Thus, we proceeded to follow them.

Our stalker-ish mannerisms seemed to work out well. They led us straight to Pergola! Honestly, if you really want to spend an afternoon in the sun with well-known restaurants beside you. Go to Paddington Central. They have this grassy amphitheatre seating area which looked so snug. Restaurants arrayed outdoor tables and chairs for the al-fresco lovers. It was a lovely little hub for us cosmopolitans. 

Now, onto my Pergola on the Roof review. 

We arrived at the desk, obviously we weren't organised enough to have reserved a table but luck was on our side. We perched at a table-sharing wooden bench in the middle of bars and street food spots. Our favourite Patty & Bun and DF Mexico resided there. Hand on heart, my most loved burger joint HAS to be Patty & Bun. And I don't know where to get a better taco than DF Mexico. 

Beer, cider, tacos, burgers and sun. You could see the excitement welling up in Leo's and my eyes. 

Pergola was ramo (Leo's word for packed and busy)! So many groups of people chatting and drinking their weekday blues away. There was a point when I felt like I was in Made in Chelsea. A swanky group of socialites decided to stand instead sit and waved their champagne flutes around. Leo asked me if 'that guy in the blue shirt' was famous. I shook my head. He just looked like your very attractive and oozing with confidence typical Chelsea boy.

I could have spent more hours people watching and digging into more street food. I would love to try the Raw Press plant-based dishes. I know Leo would want some oysters from Decatur. 

The only let down was the drinks menu wasn't extensive. I don't think the drinks were overly pricey because I do understand that comes hand-in-hand with rooftop bars. But, as it is a rooftop bar I would have liked to experience an array of craft beers, or more exciting cocktails than your regular Pimm's or Aperol Spritiz (even though I can't get enough of that bitter orange stuff!). 

Overall, I don't know of other welcoming, fun and trendy rooftop bars quite like this one. I would definitely go back! Definitely. And next time I will eat more and drink more.

Pergola on the Roof, summer's hotspot. 

I realised I didn't take a picture of the actual bar, so here's one from Pergola's Instagram!

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