Kara Chelsie: June 2017

DATE NIGHT / Pergola On The Roof, Paddington Central


DATE NIGHT / Pergola On The Roof, Paddington Central

If you can't find me behind a computer, applying to a galore of internships and graduate jobs, then I'll probably be sipping a pale ale in a beer garden somewhere. AH - the life of a hipster in unemployment. Bliss.

You must be an Instagram rookie if you haven't seen a single picture of someone enjoying their late afternoon at one of the Pergola branches. 

I don't want to jinx this, but this may be my favourite summer in London. I think it's because I've missed this city so much when I was in Coventry. There are more and more summertime joints popping up around Shoreditch and Brixton. And for me, the most indecisive person, it's becoming harder to figure out where date nights or brunches should be at. When I pick up Time Out London Magazines, I dog-ear or tear out articles on the "must-check-out" hotspots. 

But Pergola on the Roof has been at the top of my list for a while. 

The closest one to me is the Shepherd's Bush branch right next to Westfield, which has been open for a while. But I was in the mood to check out the Pergola on the Roof Paddington Central. Paddington reminds me of busy streets, St Mary's Hospital and heaps of tourists bumping into you. Leo hasn't been there before because it's not really a place I'd show off to people. 

I heard that 'KERB' food market is incredible there, and the environment has spruced up a lil. So, why not check it out?!

As we got off at Paddington Station via Bakerloo line I saw a bunch of twenty-something-year-old girls, wearing mirrored Ray-Bans, rocking the latest Topshop floral dresses paired with white converses. They were dressed for day-drinking. 

"They must be going to Pergola," I whispered to Leo.

"How do you know?" Leo replied.

"Well, they're obviously not going to St. Mary's Hospital..."

Thus, we proceeded to follow them.

Our stalker-ish mannerisms seemed to work out well. They led us straight to Pergola! Honestly, if you really want to spend an afternoon in the sun with well-known restaurants beside you. Go to Paddington Central. They have this grassy amphitheatre seating area which looked so snug. Restaurants arrayed outdoor tables and chairs for the al-fresco lovers. It was a lovely little hub for us cosmopolitans. 

Now, onto my Pergola on the Roof review. 

We arrived at the desk, obviously we weren't organised enough to have reserved a table but luck was on our side. We perched at a table-sharing wooden bench in the middle of bars and street food spots. Our favourite Patty & Bun and DF Mexico resided there. Hand on heart, my most loved burger joint HAS to be Patty & Bun. And I don't know where to get a better taco than DF Mexico. 

Beer, cider, tacos, burgers and sun. You could see the excitement welling up in Leo's and my eyes. 

Pergola was ramo (Leo's word for packed and busy)! So many groups of people chatting and drinking their weekday blues away. There was a point when I felt like I was in Made in Chelsea. A swanky group of socialites decided to stand instead sit and waved their champagne flutes around. Leo asked me if 'that guy in the blue shirt' was famous. I shook my head. He just looked like your very attractive and oozing with confidence typical Chelsea boy.

I could have spent more hours people watching and digging into more street food. I would love to try the Raw Press plant-based dishes. I know Leo would want some oysters from Decatur. 

The only let down was the drinks menu wasn't extensive. I don't think the drinks were overly pricey because I do understand that comes hand-in-hand with rooftop bars. But, as it is a rooftop bar I would have liked to experience an array of craft beers, or more exciting cocktails than your regular Pimm's or Aperol Spritiz (even though I can't get enough of that bitter orange stuff!). 

Overall, I don't know of other welcoming, fun and trendy rooftop bars quite like this one. I would definitely go back! Definitely. And next time I will eat more and drink more.

Pergola on the Roof, summer's hotspot. 

I realised I didn't take a picture of the actual bar, so here's one from Pergola's Instagram!

Personal Shopping in Topshop


Personal Shopping in Topshop

This time two weeks ago I was invited to Topshop's launch of Personal Shopping. 

It was the hottest day I've ever experienced in the West Midlands. And my denim mini skirt begged to make an appearance on this glorious day. 

I love it when I can go to events and bring along friends. What's a better way to spend a summer's evening than sipping on cocktails and having conversations all about fashion? They could not say no to this invite. 

When we arrived to Birmingham Bullring Shopping Centre, we headed straight to Topshop. Their massive store was buzzing with excitement. Funky and party music welcomed us as we entered the store.

Some of you may know that a few exclusive Topshop branches have Personal Shopping services. 

Yeah, you heard me correctly. There is a specialised Topshop stylist who can show you the 'must-haves' and the 'got-to-buys' that suit your style. It's all about you! Whether you want a gorgeous holiday look, need some inspiration for your work wardrobe, or willing to jazz up your personal style. This Personal Shopping service is much more reliable than dragging your partner or friend around Topshop asking for their opinions. We all know they just want to sit down or get out promptly.

Topshop's Personal Shopping experience is completely complimentary. Yeah, you are definitely hearing me perfectly fine! You don't have to spend any money to receive their personal shopping service and advice. 

In Birmingham Bullring Topshop, the stylists showed me and my friends what's in store for summer trends. Floaty and floral Topshop dresses, gingham (of course) and casual khaki jackets are in for summertime. Has anyone seen those shiny silver boots they have in store? My gawddd, I NEED them.

I had a conversation with my friends about what I want to wear this summer. I'm all about off-the-shoulder tops and crop tops, but ones that don't show my whole stomach. High-waisted trousers, mini skirts and floral but tighter fitted dresses. 

If you wanted to use Topshop Personal Shopping, you can book an appointment and highlight what your style is and what you're lusting over. But if you're like me, and can't put a finger on what your exact style is, I'd suggest creating a mood board or a Pinterest board (have a look at mine!) This way it can highlight aspects and certain items you've been eyeing up lately. I've placed a few inspo outfits below of the kind of styles that I'd be searching for in Topshop.  

I honestly think this is the most effective way to change things up if you're feeling uninspired about your personal style. We are so likely to pick the same-old garments and become safe in our styles. This experience gives you a new perspective and reveals clothes that you may have never tried on before. 

Also I forget to say you'll get your own spacious dressing room. How gorgeous do they look? Plus, you can do group personal shopping! Imagine, you and your friends planning a 'girl gang' look for your Ibiza holiday? All your outfits coordinating together like Little Mix. It may sound super cheesy but your Instagram would look fiiiiiierce!

Slovenia Travel Guide / Day One


Slovenia Travel Guide / Day One
It hasn't been the best for the UK. After Saturday's terror, I hate to say, it's been on my mind. It's awful when evil overshadows our happiness. I honestly think the best thing we can do is show how we will remain as a strong community. A community that can tackle anything thrown at us.

Love over hate. 


These past two weeks have felt kinda strange. I'm now back at home, in London, after spending my past four years at university. It didn't take me long to get comfortable, but it's taken me a while to sort out a schedule and get organised. There's tons of things I need to get sorted. But my house is so cosy. I'd rather spend my days in my dressing gown watching my beloved Sky TV. Anyho, I've been meaning to blog more but I've been restlessly catching up with family and friends.

I've got my planner out now, so hopefully you'll be seeing some more regular posts.

But it's not just my laziness that has prevented me from publishing more.

Has anyone delayed a blog post because they really don't want it to suck? Have you taken pictures but are reluctant to share it because it doesn't show the true beauty? Have you ever tried to sum up an experience in a sentence but couldn't find the right words?

Nearly a month ago I took a short trip to Slovenia. Three jam packed days of sightseeing this incredible and underrated country. 

"Where the heck is Slovenia?" Was the usual response when I spoke about my travels. Sitting comfortable adjacent to Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary - Slovenia is a collage of different European landscapes.

I hope my next descriptions can create a charming picture of this gorgeous country. My ultimate goal is for you to add Slovenia to your travel wish list. There are so many places to travel to in Europe, and unfortunately, we predominately explore the hotspots. It was so refreshing to walk into the centre of the capital city and not be bombarded with selfie-taking, slow-walking tourists. It's pretty exciting to be one of the firsts out of your friends to visit an uncommon destination. 

I have three posts sharing my time spent here. It will include Slovenia travel tips and places you must check out. There are tonnes of Slovenia attractions for whatever type of traveller you are. 

Firstly, I'll begin with day one.

We arrived in Slovenia late in the evening. We took a taxi to our Airbnb apartment, right in the centre of Ljubljana, the capital city. In our new home, we stood on the balcony, seeing a glimpse of the Ljubljana Castle nestled on top of a hill. 

In the morning we took the cobbled, narrow and steep streets to arrive at the Ljubljana Castle. If you're a castle lover, and a fan of medieval architecture, Slovenia is your country! 

Ljubljana Castle is now the home of museums sharing the country's past and present events. I learnt about their involvement in the Yugoslavian War, life in the feudal era and their love for puppets. You can spend hours roaming around the watchtowers and stunning churches in the castle. 

We took a cable car from the castle down to the city centre. I don't know if I have stressed this enough, but the castle sits on such an elevated hill that you can see the majority of the city down below. Standing in the castle and looking over Ljubljana was breath-taking.

Down in Ljubljana city centre, we landed right in the market. Slovenia is known for their love of organic and seasonal fruit and veg. 

We had lunch and an obligatory ice cream. Tasted just like Rome's ice cream. We walked around the centre which wasn't too big to explore. I've never been to a country that loves pink as much as I do. Their most popular buildings were covered in my favourite rosy shades. Simply the Ljubljana architecture was alluring and captivating. Some moments I felt like I was in Stockholm, Rome, Vienna or Paris. 

This may have been the calmest day, as we just wanted to take in Slovenia and all its beauty. Have a scroll and gaze at the city's beauty.

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