DATE NIGHT / Kimchee, Pancras Square


So you've tried Chinese, Japanese, Thai and maybe a bit of Vietnamese. But have you experienced Korean food yet?

If the answer is no. Don't google any other Korean restaurants. Because I have the joint for you.

Kimchee. A Korean restaurant situated in Holborn and St.Pancras/King's Cross.

What are the first things that come to mind when you think of Korea? North and South divide? Kimchi? Gangnam style?

Those were the first things that popped into my head. After this meal, I have three more phrases to add to my list when I think of Korea; delicious, comforting and exciting.

I can't remember the last time I picked up the menu and truly felt spoilt for choice. So many options, so many new flavours for me to try out. We had to tell the waitress to hold on a few times.

To those who have never tried Korean cuisine before, it reminds me of Chinese and Thai food. So many savoury dishes were packed with sweetness.

The restaurant's name derives from the extremely popular traditional dish Kimchi. It is reddish fermented cabbage mixed with salt, garlic, vinegar and spices. It can be served as a side to compliment an array of dishes. It's not just tasty and moreish, but also packed with good bacteria and helps with better digestion. Some sources say it prevents the growth of cancer!

We ordered a batch of Kimchi and fried dumplings for starters. Then we moved on to mains - which came out speedily! I ordered mixed seafood and rice served in a sizzling hot pot; Dolsot Bibimbap. No, I still can't pronounce Bibimbap. It was mouth-watering and gorgeous; loaded with so much flavour. I was honestly stuffed by the end of it. I think we should serve more dishes in hot pots. The food never gets cold! Leo ordered Bibimbap with a fried egg placed on top of the mountain of rice and bacon pieces. We also got a side of steamed buns. They looked amazing and tasted incredible. Too bad I was stuffed, I probably would have had ten of them! We ended our fully-loaded meal with a refreshing green tea and red bean ice cream. Not the kind of ice cream you were thinking about, right? You'd think it would taste savoury but it was fairly sweet and exactly what I needed. It suited the palette of the previous dishes brilliantly.

So, take a scroll, enjoy the images and I hope it'll make your bellies rumble!

If you have no idea where Pancras Square is, it's just behind King's Cross/St Pancras station. A cute but lively area with bars, restaurants and even Google! It's a hidden gem of London. Definitely made me feel like I was in Asia. Tall and architecturally stunning buildings with a quaint flowing water feature in between. I think Kimchee has an excellent location to match with its up-and-coming gorgeous food.

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