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On Friday, I was invited to Island Poké an authentic Hawaiian joint situated just off Carnaby Street and behind Liberty's in London, for the release of Disney's Moana!

The beautiful and unique story of a Polynesian daughter of a tribal chief isn't your average Disney princess. Thank God there's no Prince Charming love interest in this movie. Moana is defined by her own interests and ambition. An empowering breath of fresh tropical air for portraying young women.

My love for Moana and my obsession for Poké joined in holy matrimony that afternoon.

If you haven't heard about Poké I'm sure I can convince you to definitely try it out! 

Co-founder James told us that there was a gap in the market for a "subway-style" poké restaurant. Poké's delicious raw fish is the cousin of the much-loved sushi. "But it is a move away from sushi because of the use of tropical fruits" James explained. 


Poké (pronounced po-kay) means to slice or dice. The soy sauce based raw fish, such as ahi tuna or salmon, is chopped into bite-size pieces, scattered over sticky rice and garnished with an array of nutritious toppings. These toppings can consist of avocado, pineapple salsa (which we lucky got to make), sesame seeds, seaweed and sweetcorn. 


This Poké bowl can be made very easily at home. As long as you make your rice delicate and fluffy like sushi rice, and buy Waitrose tuna steaks. You can bring a spice of Aloha! to your kitchen.

 James told us step-by-step which ingredients to add and how much of it. The tuna was so simple to make. A few splashes of soy sauce, sesame oil, a drop of mirin and a sprinkle of seasoning; let the tuna bathe. 

Chop up spring onions, but the green top as you don't want it to be overbearing and oniony. But I love onions so I added a bit of that white stuff!

Grab a chunky pineapple, cut up the juicy pieces and mix it in a bowl with fresh ginger, chilli and lime juice. I was a bit weary of this spicy and fruity salsa. Honestly - it tasted incredible!


After an hour of slicing and dicing, Geeta and I tucked into our bowl of goodness.

We were so full within a few bits! Ashumi and I had to take some away to enjoy later in the evening!

Poké has to be one of my favourite dishes. I'm not being OTT or exaggerating. It's a meal that I'm always in the mood for. Something I could add to my healthy lifestyle. It's jam packed with so much pleasure! A definite add to your summer delights.


Don't forget to buy your copy of Moana! It's out TODAY on DVD!

Go before anyone else goes!
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