3 Morning Beverages to Energise You


Good morning! But it probably won't be the morning by the time you're reading this.

It is because I've spent the start of my day at my desk doing my dissertation and enjoying one of these refreshing drinks. I realised that last month I spent a lot of my free time reading WellandGood online magazine. I am captivated how it empowers us to have a healthy relationship with our health. Encourages us to understand what our body needs and not to confuse ourselves with all the different kinds of diets or yoga practices circulating the interweb.

The more articles I read, the more I understand how important breakfast is. Yes, we all love a brunch. But we're missing out on breakfast, either because we are too busy or don't like to eat massive meals as soon as we wake up.

I used to be one of those people who felt so nauseous when waking up. Thankfully that's gone now - but I'm still wondering why that happened.

And my habits have stayed with me. Instead of chowing down and making myself feel more queasy. I have a drink instead. Then when I felt better I have a proper meal.

I think it's better to get something down you instead of nothing. As your mother says, breakfast is all about breaking the fast! Your body needs something after sleeping.

Here is a list of beverages that keeps me energised and gets me through my mornings. They are so yummy and you will already feel its affects working straight away!


This is the most filling drink on the list, as it is packed with so much goodness. The trick with green smoothies is that there should be more veggies than fruit. Fruit should be added for flavour. If you're not comfortable with the thought of drinking vegetables, here is my favourite nutritious and delicious green smoothie. 

First: kale (make sure you wash it first!). I use a big handful and a half. 

Handfuls are my preferred method than grammes!

Second: One handful of spinach.

Third: A small/medium sized banana.

Fourth: A small handful of frozen mango and pineapple. I love frozen fruits only because they make my smoothies slushy, and also you can store them for much longer. 

Fifth: Waterrrr. I pour just under half way. 

This makes a pretty big batch, so it's about two glasses full. If you don't have time to drink for two rounds, stick one in the fridge!


So pure and simple.

This bad boy is a concoction for brilliance.

The acid of the lemon aids in better nutrient absorption. Flushes out toxins and steadies insulin levels.

All the celebrities swear by this formula for producing collagen in your skin, which smooths out wrinkles and lines.

It makes you feel fuller for longer due to the type of fibre called Pectin found in lemons. Not only does it hydrate you, which is essential for the morning, but it also boosts your metabolism.

There are loads of benefits found in this easy beverage! So if you don't know, get to know!


As it's UK Coffee Week, I thought I'd share my current favourite coffee.

New on the market are these finest coffee beans bags. I find it hard knowing how much coffee is the right amount with certain coffee brands. I can never get it right. My coffee at university is different from the one at home. So I tend to make it too weak or too strong because I can't measure it out properly. Luckily Lyon's has solved my problem.

I've really enjoyed this brew in the cup. As I can control how strong I want it to be.

My mum loves to bring tea bags when she's on holiday because the tea 'is never right' abroad. Finally, I can bring my coffee on the go with these bags.

Recently I've been loving black coffee. And I can't really afford 100% freshly roasted ground coffee from the café every day. But this tastes so good that it makes me feel like like I'm in a coffee shop!

Lately I've been trying not to waste too much. It hurts me to see a bin full of wasted products.
 I was so happy to know the coffee bags are 100% compostable and the outer cardboard box is 100% recyclable.

And one more good thing that I truly love about Lyon's and their products is that they make a donation to Project Waterfall every time you buy a box. They provide clean water to every coffee-growing community around the world. The leading coffee producing countries are some of the poorest in the world and are sadly the home of heavily contaminated water. Diseases from unsafe water kill more people than all forms of violence.

It's nice to know I'm giving something back.

Hope you enjoyed this! What do you like to have in the morning? How many of us bloggers actually have avocado on toast for breakfast?!

This post may contain PR samples, however all reviews and opinions are my own.

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