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Last year June, I went to Belgium. I only put up pictures on my Instagram about my trip because I was too lazy to do a blog post. Yes - I'll admit it, I barely blogged and was too lazy to write.

So now, I'm stuck behind my desk. Trying to find ways to motivate me to continue writing my dissertation. I like to think that in a few months time, I'll be back in Belguim. Luckily my boyfriend has a place to stay over there so a weekend trip back to Bruges is on the horizon. 

I've been daydreaming about our long walks through the old town of Bruges. Mussels and beer. And my highlight of the trip - the Frietmuseum. You heard right, a museum dedicated to the good ole chip! Let's not forget the chocolate and a diamond museums - what else can a girl dream of!

Bruges is a small and tranquil city. As mentioned in the film In Bruges, it's like a dreamland. A place where I felt comfortable wandering the streets with no purpose to where I'm heading. A reminder that a holiday is a time to indulge, and walk at a very slow pace!

I hope these pictures show how beautiful and calm this city truly is.


dame blanche

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