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Why is Mother's Day just for one day? Shouldn't we be treating and thanking our mothers daily? OK - daily seems a bit overwhelming. But I think our mothers should always understand how much we value them in our lives. 

I have 4 simple ideas that will show mother dearest throughout the year that we love 'em so. 


We can get so wrapped up in our own lives. Constantly hanging out with our friends or partners. As the Scissor Sisters said, 'take your mama out all night out!'. Not sure if mama is an innuendo in this song, regardless let's use this song for this idea. There's a new restaurant you want to check out or, there's a film you NEED to see because everyone is talking about it. Take your mumma out! Just because she's your mum doesn't mean she won't find it interesting. This way, you don't have to wait until your friends are free. Honestly, that evening or day out will be the number one topic at her workplace. She will remember it and really appreciate it.


I would love to be able to do this more as I'm currently not living at home. There are fantastic services such as Bloom & Wild or Freddie's Flowers that deliver fresh and gorgeous flowers straight to her door. This is a beautiful gesture that reminds her of your love when you're not around.


Especially if your mum works all day. The thought of her coming home, putting her tired feet up and not lifting a finger makes her feel like a million bucks. This is something I DEFINITELY need to do more when I'm down. And it doesn't have to be a dinner party style 3-course meal. 


Whether it's starting gym classes together, joining a local book club, or learning a new language. Why not do it together? I love this kind of quality time. I'm pretty sure there are studies that say this can strengthen a relationship. If you don't live with your mum anymore this can be a great way to catch up. But if you do, this can also be a great time to get out of the house - where tension seems to build up.


Those are my four simple and do-able gestures or activities you can grow a relationship with your mother!

This tee I'm wearing is from Tee Spring! I'm obsessed with brands that give back to charity. If you buy this tee 10% of all proceeds will be donated to Baby Lifeline Charity, that supports pregnant women and newborn babies. Taking care of other mothers in the world!


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