Kara Chelsie: March 2017

'Cause she's more than a woman


'Cause she's more than a woman
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Why is Mother's Day just for one day? Shouldn't we be treating and thanking our mothers daily? OK - daily seems a bit overwhelming. But I think our mothers should always understand how much we value them in our lives. 

I have 4 simple ideas that will show mother dearest throughout the year that we love 'em so. 


We can get so wrapped up in our own lives. Constantly hanging out with our friends or partners. As the Scissor Sisters said, 'take your mama out all night out!'. Not sure if mama is an innuendo in this song, regardless let's use this song for this idea. There's a new restaurant you want to check out or, there's a film you NEED to see because everyone is talking about it. Take your mumma out! Just because she's your mum doesn't mean she won't find it interesting. This way, you don't have to wait until your friends are free. Honestly, that evening or day out will be the number one topic at her workplace. She will remember it and really appreciate it.


I would love to be able to do this more as I'm currently not living at home. There are fantastic services such as Bloom & Wild or Freddie's Flowers that deliver fresh and gorgeous flowers straight to her door. This is a beautiful gesture that reminds her of your love when you're not around.


Especially if your mum works all day. The thought of her coming home, putting her tired feet up and not lifting a finger makes her feel like a million bucks. This is something I DEFINITELY need to do more when I'm down. And it doesn't have to be a dinner party style 3-course meal. 


Whether it's starting gym classes together, joining a local book club, or learning a new language. Why not do it together? I love this kind of quality time. I'm pretty sure there are studies that say this can strengthen a relationship. If you don't live with your mum anymore this can be a great way to catch up. But if you do, this can also be a great time to get out of the house - where tension seems to build up.


Those are my four simple and do-able gestures or activities you can grow a relationship with your mother!

This tee I'm wearing is from Tee Spring! I'm obsessed with brands that give back to charity. If you buy this tee 10% of all proceeds will be donated to Baby Lifeline Charity, that supports pregnant women and newborn babies. Taking care of other mothers in the world!


Moments in Bruges // Photo Diary


Moments in Bruges // Photo Diary
bruges belgium

Last year June, I went to Belgium. I only put up pictures on my Instagram about my trip because I was too lazy to do a blog post. Yes - I'll admit it, I barely blogged and was too lazy to write.

So now, I'm stuck behind my desk. Trying to find ways to motivate me to continue writing my dissertation. I like to think that in a few months time, I'll be back in Belguim. Luckily my boyfriend has a place to stay over there so a weekend trip back to Bruges is on the horizon. 

I've been daydreaming about our long walks through the old town of Bruges. Mussels and beer. And my highlight of the trip - the Frietmuseum. You heard right, a museum dedicated to the good ole chip! Let's not forget the chocolate and a diamond museums - what else can a girl dream of!

Bruges is a small and tranquil city. As mentioned in the film In Bruges, it's like a dreamland. A place where I felt comfortable wandering the streets with no purpose to where I'm heading. A reminder that a holiday is a time to indulge, and walk at a very slow pace!

I hope these pictures show how beautiful and calm this city truly is.


dame blanche

Podcasts You Need To Be Listening To


Podcasts You Need To Be Listening To

I'll say it here, and I'll say it once. Podcasts are the next big thing. The new saying will be, 'lemme tell you about this new podcast I'm listening to'. That flatmate, you know, the one you used to live with at university? They've just uploaded their pilot episode. 

They already are pretty big and happening, lots of new ones popping up will guarantee that you'll never have a boring commute.  I fell in love with podcasts when I fell out of love listening to the same ole songs. As much as I am devoted to music, I find myself losing my concentration and replaying the past or imagining the future. With podcasts, it keeps me present. Focused on what is exactly being said. 

So if you catch me, on the street, giggling to myself it's not the hilarious voice in my head making me laugh, I'm probably listening to a podcast. 

This list can go on and further on, but I thought 5 is a good start. And these are the ones I listen to regularly. A special thanks to Kristabel who has introduced me to a handful of podcasts! 


This was the first podcast that made me become ob-sessed. Buzzfeed have a variety of fun and stimulating podcasts. Another Round with Heben and Tracey straight away made me feel like I was listening to a lively and intellectual conversation with my friends. I appreciated how they would explore serious discussions on Mohammad Ali's legacy to police brutality. But I also love their interests and opinion on popular culture. Thanks Heben for introducing me to Fre Shavocado !!! Their podcast is my go-to when I want to be inspired. There's nothing more empowering than hearing two witty and motivating black females sharing their passion. And thank you, Tracey, for also agreeing on my love/hate relationship with Spoken Words. Even though it is a phenomenal method of self-expression, I too cringe at the staccato phrases!

Another plus is that I have been introduced to Bim Adewunmi, Ashley Ford and Margaret Cho. They also have an abundance of inspiriting guests. Oh, and it's a pretty boozy show, you can hear the ice gently tapping against their glasses. 


Straight after listening to Pandolly Podcast I feel obliged to pick up a dictionary and discover new words Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton expressed. Although (and they have mentioned this issue) I find it hard to figure out which one is talking! The duo has been criticised for their overly whining posh and private schooled mannerism. For me, their voices are a soothing remembrance of London. Their podcast is an arena of enthusiastic, feminist and eloquent discussions on relevant topics. I feel a little bit smarter after listening to each episode. The way how they talk about fashion is riveting. I hate to think of fashion as a materialistic interest. Pandora and Dolly remind me that it is a wearable art form!

Also, can I have Pandora's style, please? Can I just have it? I promise to give it back... like never.

(UPDATE: The podcast is now under The High Low!)


The future is looking very bright for this podcast. Plentiful of chit chatter and relaxed convo. I'm SO impressed with the famous guests that appear. I say famous, and what I mean by famous, are people I follow on Instagram or Twitter. 1 Cuppa 2 Sugars is exactly the kind of conversation I'd have over brunch. Lots of laughs and discussions that go off topic - but revealing very interesting insights.

Have a listen, and vote for them on the British Podcast Awards! Christabel knows what she is doing.


I am begging. Begging! When will this podcast come back on? I've never heard storytelling expressed in such a humourous and natural way. It was so uplifting to hear beautiful and embarrassing stories told by writers and actors and artists. I've started to replay these podcasts again because I have been in the mood to laugh. The Tell Show is another Buzzfeed creation.
If you're new to podcasts, I'd suggest starting with this one. It's very easy to listen to, calming in fact. My favourite part of the podcasts are the sections of Never Have I Ever (the non-sexual version) and the three final questions: what was your last kiss like? when was the last time you cried? what's wrong with you?

3 incredibly personal questions, that makes me realise how human everyone truly is. We're all same-same but different.

One more thing, I'm completely in love with Isaac's voice.


Oh Boy! By yours truly Man Repeller. Shall I say more? Because once you know it's by Man Repeller, you don't need to be convinced any further. Another reason why I fall for certain podcasts is because of the hosts' voices but come on you don't want to sit there listening to a monotone drab. I really enjoy how Jay Buim genuinely listens to the guests and asks questions that make them think deeper into their beliefs.
There's an array of guests that I've never heard of, it's exciting to get to know motivating creatives out there. People I wouldn't have found on my own.


So! There's a list, and you better get listening!

I've given links to their Soundcloud or iTunes profiles. I prefer Soundcloud because I can't get podcasts on my iPhone iTunes, does anyone know how to? Help?