A Graphic Tee Is All You Need


I'm trying not to start off this post by saying TWO MONTHS INTO 2017! Because I'm sure you already know that. I would love to gloat that I'm still sticking to my new year resolutions. Yeah, I said it! I've sticking to my wishes like glue. BAM Universe! - you thought I'd let you down again, right?

Think again. Because I'm coming to you with better knowledge, better thoughts, a better body and a better style.

"Better style, did you say Kara? How can your style get even better?" said the Universe.

I've been using Pinterest as my style Bible recently. It's giving me so much inspiration from art, to interior designs, to food. I've turned to Pinterest for inspiration. Where it's quality over quantity and a large array of fashion styles. You'll see me posting everything and anything Scandi, to neon pink lights, to massive fur coats. I can't even put a name to my own style. 
I think the content of Instagram is becoming quite samey, too many fishnet tights and ripped jeans. Too many girls wearing Metallica and they can't name one song by them. 

But there's one trend that stops me from scrolling past: Graphic tees! A trend I'm in love with. I love the grungey effect they bring to an outfit. I would style them with straight classic jeans (with a bit of a rough hem), red patent ankle boots, and a fur coat. I might even do an OOTD with this kind of look.

Below are the styles that I've been lusting over.

My favourite look is the image of the woman wearing a white ruffle shirt underneath her Renegade top. Classical and grunge combo! I'm drooling.

And spot the cute look from Kill Bill !

graphic tee

graphic tee

graphic tee

graphic t-shirt

kill bill t-shirt

renegade t-shirt

graphic jumper

grpahic tee

graphic tee

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