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First OOTD of the year! And I spent a wonderful afternoon roaming around the Barbican centre. 

As I jumped off the tube and found myself within the Barbican maze, it brought flashbacks of school trips here watching productions and visiting galleries. 

What made me pay a visit to the East London jungle was for the exhibition 'Vulgar'. Closing this Sunday!

A couture collection dedication to the weird and wonderful magic of fashion. 

It explored the out-the-there elements that designers craft, and investigates 'what is good taste?' or 'how can we define bad taste?'

The designers' outlandish creations have shocked and bewildered the public. From Hussein Chalayan to Christian Lacroix discuss why is vulgarity seen as negative?

It brought back more flashbacks of my A-Level textiles studies, I based most of my work on Givenchy Couture Fall 2010 collection.

It was a surreal moment to see the dress I used to examine through the computer screen. Finally, it was in front of me. At last, I was able to closely view the intricate details of the lace and the symmetrical patterns. I was so thrilled I was able to see THE dress I study on for so long. My mum asked me if I said "Hey, how are you?" to the dress because I was acting as if it was a celebrity. I wasn't allowed to take a photograph but here is the link to the dress I adore.

But to the OOTD, I decided to wear this outfit, a mermaid two-tone slip dress from Urban Outfitters, sheer t-shirt from Missguided and a skinny scarf from Topshop. This dress is a new favourite of mine. The style is quite grungey and the 'is it purple, is it blue?' factor makes it playful.

And this is what brings me to the meaning behind this post.

Fashion does not have to be taken so seriously. It doesn't have to accentuate your figure. It doesn't have to make you look rich or beautiful. It's purely an art form that we wear, and can be examined in so many different ways.

To some people, my dress looks gothic. To me, it's fun because there's more than one colour involved.

Different opinions are taken into consideration. But we shouldn't say what looks good and what looks bad.

I prefer to say I'm interested in styles. It's creative and varied. Not judgemental. I'm focused on the artistic preferences we incorporate into our clothing. Whereas, the term 'fashion' is influenced by trends that are in or out, or, hot or not.

How can I love something that is so temperamental?

The difference between style and fashion is a concept I'd would like to expand on throughout this blog in the future.

Does anyone else believe we take fashion too seriously sometimes?

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