Giving the sun the cold shoulder

Thursday, 21 July 2016

I'm constantly scrolling down my Instagram. Why do all my friends decide to go on holiday at the same time? Is there a secret whatsapp group that they've created to plan how to make me feel super jealous? I think so, I truly think so.

BUT no woes, because the sun is super shining and I'm sweating buckets without being in Spanish heat.

I'm normally the one to wear shorts and a crop top when it's pretty hot. However, now I've turned 21 which is legally an adult, I thought to wear something more sophisticated. Not because I have to, but let's experiment.

The dress is from Primark, handbag from H&M and shoes from Missguided.

The dress made me feel like I should be on a gondola in Venice, or walking by the coast of Cannes. Because of it's off-the-shoulder and midi length style, I didn't feel too hot and bothered walking around. The perfect attire for summer when you've had enough of the denim shorts riding up you all day long.

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