DATE NIGHT / Boozy Brunching at Bourne & Hollingsworth


Looking for a Instagrammable, not out-of-the-budget, unwinding brunch? That involves knocking back bottomless bellinis? 

I won't wait for your reply because I know it's a "YAS"

Every occasion, whether its a normal date night, birthday, Valentine's Day or our anniversary, my boyfriend and I scan our 'places we MUST go to' list to see where it'll take us next. It's jammed packed, with niche bars to food trucks and even holiday spots. 

A boozy brunch was on the top of the list. 

For just £18 you can experience all-you-can-drink Bellinis and Bloody Mary's. That's the price of just two drinks! 

Let me stop bragging about alcohol and mention how delicious the food was. 

I'm that kind of loser who loves brunch but hates eggs. Yeah I said it, I despise eggs. But I like the look of them on a plate with smoked salmon. Don't judge - I'm not a fussy eater! I'm a foodie that loves pretty much everything apart from eggs. Even peanut butter (my childhood enemy) is growing on me. 

I went for the burger. The waiter said it was a good choice. And he meant it. And he was perfectly right. 

The colossal burger made wonder how can THAT fit in my gob. Somehow it did, but I wasn't overly surprised. 

After finishing my meal, I had a "lemme try to breathe without exploding my food out" moment. 

I swiveled in my chair taking in how airy and green the restaurant was. Nothing like other places I've been to. It felt like I was in a conservatory or a drawing room in a tropical country. I had a woven wooden fan spinning above my head. Sitting on vintage and cushiony seats. Don't tell me I have to leave. 

The funniest part of the meal was when my boyfriend shoved his glass to the edge of the table, he said, "it's just to let them know I've finished my glass and I'm ready for a top up" 

The waiters didn't need that memo. They came rushing to our side whenever we slurped the last drip. Leaving out that awkwardness of us being eager for more. 

Overall, it was a lovely lovely date. I'd recommend it for a girlfriend brunch or celebrating a birthday or anniversary. 

It's a restaurant that has dived straight out of Pinterest home inspo. 

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