A Saturday In Portobello Market


You spend your weekdays looking out of the office window. The sun beaming on your shiny forehead makes you long for the weekend. You can almost taste the sunshine in your cup of coffee.

Cue to Saturday morning. You arise to a late morning start, draw open your curtains to say HELLO WONDERFUL WEEKEND, but you're greeted with grey clouds. 

Thank you universe. Love you back.

Normally miserable weekends entice me to spend the day in my make-shift duvet cocoon. But as much as that past-time showers me with joy, I felt like I can't waste this Saturday.

Portobello (or Portabella if you're cockney) has to be my favourite market. The clothes and jewellery aren't up to its standard as it was in my teenage years (or maybe my style has changed), but the food keeps on excelling. 

The Acklam Village section of the world-famous market accommodates tastes from around the world. From Namibia to Portugal, this street food haven doesn't come with a side of hipster sauce. It's all about the food. 

My boyfriend and I had to walk up and down three times until we decided what to have as a starter. Yeah, I said it. A starter. Who organises their meals at food markets? We do. Because when you've stuffed yourself on a Vietnamese dish, then wished you tried the gourmet chorizo and cheese toastie but your stomach and wallet are weeping for 'no more', who messed up big time? We strategically choose what meals we fancied and could share.

We started off with the fancy fries; hand cut chips, with cheddar cheese and a 'Portobello sauce' (mustard, onions and secret herbs).

Next up I had a chicken katsu curry sushi hand roll. A mouthful to say and to eat. My boyfriend had a colossal Argentinian burger.

My highlight of the day was the food, but also had an amazing encounter of hearing a street sax-man perform Hotline Bling in a smooth jazz rendition. He got the whole crowd dancing and throwing in a pound or two into his sax case.

Have any of you been to Portobello? If so, what do you love the most about it?

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