INSPIRATION: Clean & Minimal


I wouldn't say that I'm feeling unmotivated to blog, but I can't lie and announce I feel inspired every minute. When it comes to fashion, referring to my style, there is a time when I want a change. Not only is it transitioning through seasons. I can sense it in the smog that a fresh and modern style will be ideal for me right now.

Being 21 years old, I can't hold on to the cardigans or skinny jeans forever. I'm approaching a more mature style, not just because I should, but because it reflects my mind. Fashion isn't just what you think looks cute or will draw attention. I see it as musing ideas.

For instance, lately I have been SO drawn to this minimal and clean style. Why? It's straight-forward, no fuss. I'm in the process of clearing unhelpful thoughts or frustrating routines. Not to be confused by thinking in black and white. I want colour, lots of it too, and that's why I added that pink collage. Colour brings in creativity.

I love this minimal style because it's organised - also what I am trying to be more of. To be the girl that wakes up, quickly constructs her immaculate and stylish outfit together (or she might have organised it the night before). She doesn't care if she's wearing the same trousers that she wore on Monday. Because it's tailored and well made - it deserves to be worn a lot. And that's all that matters, not to care what others think of your outfit. She'd pair it with the fresh shirt that may have odd cut-outs, just to show that she can be daring. Lastly pushing her feet into chunky ankle boots to stomp through the crowd.

In a short way, I like this style because I think it can reflect a clean and sophisticated mind. A different way of dressing up is a different way of thinking. It's fashion forward, not copying trends of the previous decades, creating a clear path for future fashion.

I don't want to completely transform my wardrobe, but when I'm feeling mindful I would want to show it through my outfit.

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  1. I totally get you, Kara - I much prefer going for clean cut and classy on nights out now whereas before I was always a short dress and heels kind of girl. I think my personal style is always changing! It's great as it means I get to try lots of different styles... but not so good for my bank balance haha.

    -Ruby Xx

    Another Ruby Tuesday / Bloglovin’

  2. Love this inspiration ! ^^

    Sarah xx

  3. I love the minimal jewellery and the colour of that nail polish! x