This is my first time revealing what's in bag, so feel privileged. I didn't think that people would really be interested in stuff like this.

After removing old receipts and torn apart tissues. I dug up what's left in my sack. And realised that it could potentially make a fun post.

Obviously things like my phone or keys are left out, only because I prefer to keep them closer to me, in my coat pocket.

I slightly think this is a trivial kind of post, only because I'm not used to it. But if you are fond of this sort, let me know!

1. I used to be the "No. I don't wear hats" person. But after these blistering winters, I had to surrender. It says "On Wednesday's we were pink" 10 points to you if you got the film reference straight away!

2. Sorry, it's a bit dirty. Leftovers from my salad. It's a great sized portion for lunch. Given to me for Christmas from Urban Outfitters.

3. My A-Z multi-vitamins. Ideal if you get tired very easily, and strengthens your immune system when all these illnesses are floating around.

4. A notebook that was given to me from my friend, she obviously knows that I withheld "Great Ideas" that should be written down! This has been very handy when I'm learning new tasks in my internship. It will look good for your boss to see that you are keen to learn, and also to remember what they tell you! I walk around with this everywhere in the office.

5. My cute (very big) water bottle. I like to put lemons and mint in there too.  

6. This book is my life at the moment! I read it every day. You must google this book if you're thinking about turning your blog into a business. It's pretty funny too. And really relevant to my life right now.

7. I don't have enough time in the morning to sit and drink my tea/coffee. My little cup to-go accompanies me on my tube journeys.

8. Because it's England.

9. My mini Victoria Secret fruity spritz. If I could eat a scent, it would be that one.

10. You can't walk around without a pen!

11. I honestly forgot this was in my bag! I told you I had too many unnecessary stuff. Kiehl's hand cream - essential for the winter. 

12. Yeah, four eyes 'four'eva.

13. Because it's England.

14. Because I live in London, and without this sucker, life would be so expensive. (An oyster card / travel card for London only)

15. I like to play songs on my walk to the tube station to wake me up before I start the day.

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