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Healthy isn't something that I particularly look for when I go to restaurants. The idea of going out is to treat myself, so whatever I eat, is just another treat!

But recently I've given up junk food for Lent, like chocolate and crisps and all the good sugary things in a sweet sweet life. I have to wait until Easter until I can realllly treat myself.

For Valentine's Day brunch, my boyfriend surprised me to a meal at Snaps & Rye in Ladbroke Grove, near Notting Hill. I've never been to a Danish restaurant before, no one has ever said, 'Ohhhh you GOT to try Danish food!' In fact, this is London's ONLY Danish restaurant. So I had a very opened minded to what I was going to experience.

The menu has an assortment of tasty and low fat toppings on rye bread as a starter or a light breakfast dish. The lunch menu consists of a larger portion, but still low calorie and nutritious. If I had to describe my meal in two words it would be light & refreshing. I did feel fuller afterwards, but it didn't make me feel bloated or waiting to sleep. Bursts of energy after my brunch.

But was that due to the drinks we had on the side? Potentially. My boyfriend was told to have 'Snaps/Akvavit', vodka and herb infused short shot glass when you have Scandinavia food. It's a must.
'It stimulates the appetite' the waiter told us, 'accompanies your food perfectly.' I had salmon, the waiter told me that the dill infused snap would be ideal. My boyfriend went for a white oak infused Snap.

As the waiter put down our glasses he said 'it may come in a shot glass, but you must drink it slowly alongside eating'. Such an English habit to down anything that comes in a small glass.

My first sip - I was blown away. I haven't drank vodka in ages. Luckily the dill and herby flavours exploded out, masking the harshness of the alcohol.

After the meal, my boyfriend, very very keen to try all kinds of things, asked the waiter for a 'Digestif'. Another shot glass drink, made from a great big collection of herbs! They say it is supposed to aid digestion and prevent illnesses. It smelt like Jagermeister to be frank. It was light bright brown with such a strong smell.

Our waiter was very impressed with our eagerness to try new things! He even gave us these little liquorice treats covered in gold glitter, on the house! Ok, I may have broken my lent, but apparently you are allowed to break your fast on a Sunday? Anyone else heard that?! Anyone...?

Overall it was a fantastic experience. If you want to try something awesomely different try it out! The location of Snaps & Rye is perfect, gives you a chance to stroll down the nearby Portobello Market.

Have a date at Snaps & Rye!

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