Kara Chelsie: February 2016

DATE NIGHT: Snaps & Rye // Healthy London Restaurants


DATE NIGHT: Snaps & Rye // Healthy London Restaurants
Healthy isn't something that I particularly look for when I go to restaurants. The idea of going out is to treat myself, so whatever I eat, is just another treat!

But recently I've given up junk food for Lent, like chocolate and crisps and all the good sugary things in a sweet sweet life. I have to wait until Easter until I can realllly treat myself.

For Valentine's Day brunch, my boyfriend surprised me to a meal at Snaps & Rye in Ladbroke Grove, near Notting Hill. I've never been to a Danish restaurant before, no one has ever said, 'Ohhhh you GOT to try Danish food!' In fact, this is London's ONLY Danish restaurant. So I had a very opened minded to what I was going to experience.

The menu has an assortment of tasty and low fat toppings on rye bread as a starter or a light breakfast dish. The lunch menu consists of a larger portion, but still low calorie and nutritious. If I had to describe my meal in two words it would be light & refreshing. I did feel fuller afterwards, but it didn't make me feel bloated or waiting to sleep. Bursts of energy after my brunch.

But was that due to the drinks we had on the side? Potentially. My boyfriend was told to have 'Snaps/Akvavit', vodka and herb infused short shot glass when you have Scandinavia food. It's a must.
'It stimulates the appetite' the waiter told us, 'accompanies your food perfectly.' I had salmon, the waiter told me that the dill infused snap would be ideal. My boyfriend went for a white oak infused Snap.

As the waiter put down our glasses he said 'it may come in a shot glass, but you must drink it slowly alongside eating'. Such an English habit to down anything that comes in a small glass.

My first sip - I was blown away. I haven't drank vodka in ages. Luckily the dill and herby flavours exploded out, masking the harshness of the alcohol.

After the meal, my boyfriend, very very keen to try all kinds of things, asked the waiter for a 'Digestif'. Another shot glass drink, made from a great big collection of herbs! They say it is supposed to aid digestion and prevent illnesses. It smelt like Jagermeister to be frank. It was light bright brown with such a strong smell.

Our waiter was very impressed with our eagerness to try new things! He even gave us these little liquorice treats covered in gold glitter, on the house! Ok, I may have broken my lent, but apparently you are allowed to break your fast on a Sunday? Anyone else heard that?! Anyone...?

Overall it was a fantastic experience. If you want to try something awesomely different try it out! The location of Snaps & Rye is perfect, gives you a chance to stroll down the nearby Portobello Market.

Have a date at Snaps & Rye!




I hope you all had a special weekend. Whether it was with your partner, or spending it doing something you love. I see Valentine's Day as appreciating all the lovely things in life.

Lemme stop being sentimental and tell you about my outfit.

Top (underneath) - Urban Outfitters

Long sleeve jumper - Brandy & Melville

Skirt - Missguided

Heels - Dorothy Perkins

Apologises, I had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction with the fringe of the skirt, it kept on getting caught on the buckles of the shoes! But I'm still in love with this.

Red isn't really my colour, so I opted out of the traditional romantic hues. Went for something more edgy and still striking.

I think this is my second outfit post on this blog, the last one was taken a year ago. It's not really my thing - I begin to feel awkward as soon as the camera is pointed to me. Selfies - I can handle that. And in group photos, I'm fine, but when the attention is solely focused on me - ugh, makes me feel so uncomfortable.

This year I told myself - start doing things that make you feel awkward but deep down you truly love it. Guilty pleasures! For instance, wearing a big pink fur coat or flatform shoes. Two items that I adore but I don't know if I could walk down the street comfortably with them on.

I intentionally wanted this blog to be more outfit posts based but I couldn't dare turning the camera on me.

So, from now on, I wanna make it my 'thang'.




This is my first time revealing what's in bag, so feel privileged. I didn't think that people would really be interested in stuff like this.

After removing old receipts and torn apart tissues. I dug up what's left in my sack. And realised that it could potentially make a fun post.

Obviously things like my phone or keys are left out, only because I prefer to keep them closer to me, in my coat pocket.

I slightly think this is a trivial kind of post, only because I'm not used to it. But if you are fond of this sort, let me know!

1. I used to be the "No. I don't wear hats" person. But after these blistering winters, I had to surrender. It says "On Wednesday's we were pink" 10 points to you if you got the film reference straight away!

2. Sorry, it's a bit dirty. Leftovers from my salad. It's a great sized portion for lunch. Given to me for Christmas from Urban Outfitters.

3. My A-Z multi-vitamins. Ideal if you get tired very easily, and strengthens your immune system when all these illnesses are floating around.

4. A notebook that was given to me from my friend, she obviously knows that I withheld "Great Ideas" that should be written down! This has been very handy when I'm learning new tasks in my internship. It will look good for your boss to see that you are keen to learn, and also to remember what they tell you! I walk around with this everywhere in the office.

5. My cute (very big) water bottle. I like to put lemons and mint in there too.  

6. This book is my life at the moment! I read it every day. You must google this book if you're thinking about turning your blog into a business. It's pretty funny too. And really relevant to my life right now.

7. I don't have enough time in the morning to sit and drink my tea/coffee. My little cup to-go accompanies me on my tube journeys.

8. Because it's England.

9. My mini Victoria Secret fruity spritz. If I could eat a scent, it would be that one.

10. You can't walk around without a pen!

11. I honestly forgot this was in my bag! I told you I had too many unnecessary stuff. Kiehl's hand cream - essential for the winter. 

12. Yeah, four eyes 'four'eva.

13. Because it's England.

14. Because I live in London, and without this sucker, life would be so expensive. (An oyster card / travel card for London only)

15. I like to play songs on my walk to the tube station to wake me up before I start the day.




The day is coming, it's approaching pretty quickly. If you haven't already booked somewhere (I won't judge!) for Valentine's Day in London I have FIVE very different options for you and your loved one.

Have a scroll!



Last year for Valentine's Day, my boyfriend surprised me to a boozy evening here. We lingered down dark steps, opened a heavy door into an even darker intoxicated room. It was so crowded and so loud. But after a few eccentric cocktails I didn't care about shouting across the table. 

Why I highly recommend it is because of the bartenders showing off their magic. They bang glasses, lip sync to the heavy rock music, and offer great advice when it comes to tackling the immense booklet of the drinks menu. 

If you can't be bothered to slide on that V-Day special red dress accompanied with the rouge lipstick, a very casual attire is welcomed here. 

Take a look at how I spent last year's Valentine's Day.




Try not to spend the whole dinner staring at the ceiling or taking snaps! I haven't heard incredible reviews on how spectacular the food is, people fall in love with the surroundings more. How can you blame them. This is a charming, top of the list, most romantic restaurant to spend your Valentine's Day at. I wonder how many people have been engaged here? Probably every day! 




So your partner isn't the cocktail drinker? And doesn't fancy wear a suit or fancy dress just to eat? This year the 14th lands on a cosy Sunday. And what does Sunday mean in London? Roast! Don't go to your local pub, or make your mum slab you up a meal. The Spaniards Inn is the oldest pub in London. A country pub in the city, it is said Keats wrote Ode to a Nightingale here. All together that's historic, romantic and guaranteed a homely roast. If you celebrate Valentine's Day on the Saturday instead then this is a hangover remedy.




Unfortunately V-Day doesn't always fit into our budgets. Yes, we want our partners to understand how special they are to us. Sadly some special moments can mean £££.

Fear not my money-saving friends. Spend your Valentine's Day for free! 

Start the morning off by rustling up breakfast for your dearest in bed. Watch Sunday Brunch on Channel 4 (my fav). Then hop on the tube or bus to Kensington. Now, it's a bit weird to find this place because it is right at the top of the High Street Kensington shops! 

Once you'll find it, you'll never forget about this magical place. 

A Spanish, Tudor and a hint of Asian infused garden. Hunt for the flamingos and ducks that live there. Take a selfie - a couple selfie - a couple of couple selfies. Just take lots of pictures to share to everyone. I went here for my anniversary and it's insane how not many people know about this enchanting place above the hectic high street! 

Yes, it's free to visit the gardens!



This is for my foodies. The ones who forget to take a food photo for insta because they cannot resist. This is for second dates or further, as you'll be covered in BBQ hot sauce. It's not a pretty sight, but a delightful taste. If you and your partner have a mutual love for food, unite and love at MeatLiquor. 
They give you everything one big tray. So sharing is caring on Valentine's Day!