STYLE // I Need Advice: Skinny Scarf OR Velvet Choker ?


I'm torn between the two, so I need YOUR advice.

I'm thinking more about the skinny scarf, it's more trendy than grungey. I like grunge, but right now I want to buy things that are more work friendly - as I'll be starting my internship in a week and a half. Not saying that grunge isn't appropriate, but a choker (to some people) oozes sex appeal. Dirty minds.

I like the scarf idea, it reminds me of 80s rockstar, Mick Jagger walking out in slim jeans, a skinny scarf with scruffy hair. It reminds me of Kate Moss wearing her band-tee, ripped jeans, Chelsea boots and her signature leopard print coat.

I also think the way how it drops down but cuts off my neck will somehow elongate my frame. Ask me, how? I don't even know.

I do love chokers, I brought two tattoo chokers on eBay about two years ago when we got into that rewind back to the 90s phase. I don't think I'll wear it again. I think I'll leave that in my childhood. Or to music festivals.

I'll sliding toward skinny scarf now. I've encourage myself without knowing any ones evidence!


Let me know which one you prefer!


  1. I'm completely, 100% on team mini-scarf. I think the choker can be cute, but the mini-scarf is sexy and effortless. Now I'm wanting to add one to my wardrobe.

  2. Skinny scarf all the way. They are going to massive this year both in womenswear and menswear.

  3. This is so on trend right now. I love the skinny scarf!

    x, Kat | Nested Thoughts

  4. I'm not sure about the skinny scarves myself, but I love the velvet chokers!

    Cristina xo // My Cup of Tea

  5. I love the skinny scarfs! I actually bought one a while ago but ended up wearing in my hair as a bow. I'm not sure I have a long enough neck to get away with wearing one but I do think that they look really good and will be a cool piece to wear for work. :D


  6. I honestly don't like that trend but some girls can really pull it off!

  7. As a huge choker fan, I do get those vibes from people sometimes! I do like the scarf here too though. I think the scarf would work better for you!
    xo Kiki

  8. I love them both, the skinny scarf is so chic!

    Style by Avery

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  10. I'm into choker trend. I love it's simplicity and minimal design! And these photos are great btw.
    -xx, Sia