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STYLE // I Need Advice: Skinny Scarf OR Velvet Choker ?


STYLE // I Need Advice: Skinny Scarf OR Velvet Choker ?
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I'm torn between the two, so I need YOUR advice.

I'm thinking more about the skinny scarf, it's more trendy than grungey. I like grunge, but right now I want to buy things that are more work friendly - as I'll be starting my internship in a week and a half. Not saying that grunge isn't appropriate, but a choker (to some people) oozes sex appeal. Dirty minds.

I like the scarf idea, it reminds me of 80s rockstar, Mick Jagger walking out in slim jeans, a skinny scarf with scruffy hair. It reminds me of Kate Moss wearing her band-tee, ripped jeans, Chelsea boots and her signature leopard print coat.

I also think the way how it drops down but cuts off my neck will somehow elongate my frame. Ask me, how? I don't even know.

I do love chokers, I brought two tattoo chokers on eBay about two years ago when we got into that rewind back to the 90s phase. I don't think I'll wear it again. I think I'll leave that in my childhood. Or to music festivals.

I'll sliding toward skinny scarf now. I've encourage myself without knowing any ones evidence!


Let me know which one you prefer!

How To Relieve Homesickness

How To Relieve Homesickness

It happens to the best of us, and at the best of times. 

You're finally embracing your inner wanderlust explorer. 

Then the dark shades of blue lingers into your mind.

You feel alien to your new surroundings. 

It doesn't feel like home, could you ever call this place home?

You see what your friends are doing throughout social media. Having fun - you're missing out.

You make plans to see them when you're back. But those weeks ahead feel like years. 

You begin to compare about what is so good at home and what is awfully dreadful here. 

That dream of coming back home gives you butterflies. 

Homesickness is the worst.


It's not that you hate the place you are in, it's the fact that home is home - and you aren't there right now.

It's a ok to have this feeling, it's ok to experience every kind of emotion once in a while. It's a human thing and a reflection of life.

I have a few tips that has helped me. 


"How lucky am I to have something so special that makes saying goodbye so hard."

Be thankful that your home or your hometown is a beautiful place. Many people don't miss home because they have a terrible life - bad memories, no family or friends, or it's in bad conditions.

Appreciate that you have an actual existing 'happy place', and you are able to wake up in that 'happy place' every morning. 

Bare in mind, you will go back home. You will.


I'm not announcing that you should put your walking shoes on and take a hike. Go on a walk, and walk to a place that you don't have in your hometown. 

For instance, here in Malta I'm always next to the ocean. But in London, the grey Thames is all I have. When I feel homesick I take a walk by Sliema and view the waterfront. 

Telling myself that one day I'll miss this, so I capture the beauty. 


Stop comparing your lives with others. And to be honest your friends are only showing the fun things that they are up to. 

Instead of lurking, talk to your friends.

Because sometimes they may be feeling as low as you, but portray to others that life fun.

Pick up the phone and call a friend or family member. The more you do it, the more you will feel like you're at home because you've got all news and you're actually not missing out. 


There's nothing better than forgetting your woes by replacing it with great and interesting conversations. 

Netflix is not your best friend, save that for a rainy day!

You could even talk to people about your issues, because it's very likely that they feel the same.


OK, I'm a big culprit of staying in my house-clothes for the whole day. But as soon as you get up, showered, dressed, and even put on some make-up - you end up feeling more ready to get up and do something exciting. 

All dressed and no where to go? 

There's lots of places to go to - so explore!


I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

I can't express how much clearing your mind feels your emotions so effectively.

DAY IN THE LIFE: Selfridges & Window Shopping


DAY IN THE LIFE: Selfridges & Window Shopping

It's always joy catching up with a friend. We buy one coffee, but stay for two hours in the cafe.

 There's so much to talk about when you have a great friend who is passionate about the exact same things.


I realised it has been some time since I stepped inside Selfridges. Everything has moved and aisles seem more like a maze.

So many memories of my mum and me strolling down the make up counters, designer bags and the toy section. 
Obviously as a child I didn't know much about make up, but I knew that it was very serious and special to women. I remember I wanted to work at MAC, because the make-up artists painted their eyes and lips wildly and boldly. To me now, that just seems like an exhausting job.

Many years on I still gaze at the unaffordable items spread across the department. 

I thought to myself, will I ever be able to afford the expensive items here?

Will I ever treat myself to a lace Valentino dress?

Will I ever think, "ah for dinner I'll pop to Selfridge's extravagant food hall and also do a weekly shop there!"

"This Creme De La Mer moisturiser, yes I need this, not too expensive! Not bad, not bad."

Because all those things sound terrifically pricey to me. Almost a waste, because there are cheaper products and produce out there. I know, a dress is not just a dress if it's Valentino. Nor is a moisturiser from Creme De La Mer. 

But will I ever be able to afford these luxury items as a casual pick-up and not a splurge?

And what do the passersby think? Do they think the same? Do they wonder like me, could I ever afford this? Or do they snatch the price tag, mouth out 'wow...ok..' and walk away?




Welcome to 2016! 

Is it too late to still say happy new year? We're fully in the January blues now, that festive fun is over babe.

Briefly, in terms of Blogmas, can I just apologise for the lacklustre or badly edited or not proofread posts. I rushed myself to complete it before 12am on most nights!


Well let me start by saying happy new year to my blog. You are about a year and two months old now. Congrats! 

2015 was an alright year. Ups and downs. Ok times and good times. Blah blah. 

2016 will not be another blah blah year. 

2016 will be the year that will have an imprint on my life!

First of, let me announce that in February I'll be starting with a new internship! So crazy. 

I'll be a Social Media Intern at Urban Outfitters. Yes, Urban Outfitters. My job title should just be: Classified Hipster.

It's truly a dream knowing that I will have this experience. Humbling to know that a fantastic and well known company wants me to be a part of their team. 

I will also be completing my wonderful and strange semester in Malta. Ending on 29th Jan, less than three weeks away! 

And finally in September I'll be revisiting real university life. Finishing my final year. 

2016 will be a mouthful. Hopefully a tasteful mouthful. 


"Come on Kara, start talking about your resolutions!" 

*just wanted to say that these personal goals haven't commenced from the start of this year. I've been doing these things for a few weeks now. And if I don't successfully do it or successfully complete it - I won't feel disappointed. 

Let me finally begin:

1. Take blogging more seriously 

It's my hobby. But it's becoming my life. I dream about being a full time blogger/freelance writer/a courageous creative being a lot of the time. The thought of writing for a living, and people actually reading it gives me butterflies.

Blogmas taught me how fun it is writing frequently, and I learnt what kind of content I want to write about.

What's my niche?

Writing my true personal feelings about my lifestyle, with dabs of fashion, in a mindful and artistic manner. From some comments and a wave of new followers I think y'all will enjoy this.

I won't be blabbing on about my existence. Like 'I did this' or 'I love this'. 

It'll be more about the thoughts behind 'why do we do this?' or 'why do I love this?'

Think of the way how Carrie Bradshaw writes, she would talk about something cray-cray happening in her life, then she questions it, fortunately towards the end, she solves the mystery behind her thoughts.

2. Find a sports/active workout that I truly enjoy

I'm not stating that I want to lose weight or add some 'umph' into my backside. 

OK, if this is going to be an true and honest blog then, yes I actually do want those things. 

But I'm not craving for it.

I want to have an active lifestyle for my mind, body and soul.

I've learnt over the years how beneficial working out really is for us. I've spent too long sleeping or huddled on my sofa. It's time for me to find a new sporty hobby.

Question of the day:

Why is yoga so expensive?

I absolutely love how relaxing and spiritual, plus toning and fat-burning, yoga is!

But why do I have to spend the 'dolla-dolla' to enjoy it?

"YouTube!" You cry out. And I hear you.

I've found some great links, such as Madeleine Shaw and my old fitness pilates lover Blogilates to try out their workouts. 

3. Read more

This one is a little bit embarrassing. As an English and Creative Writing student I should be a pro at picking up a book and whizzing through it. But I am starting to lose 'reading for fun' as I am normally 'reading to study' nowadays.

What's my strategy to read more? 

Read before bed. 


I have to snuggle up to President Fitz every night. Even though watching two episode before bed is about 1h 20mins! I need to stop this habit and replace it with reading and sleep-time.

Did you know that the light produced in your laptops, tablets and phones causes us to stay awake more? It's the worst thing to do before bed, it makes us less tired and become addicted to staying on the screen.


It has to be done. I've been starting a few weeks ago and it's really open up my creative mind and has made me more calm and peaceful.

I suggest you should get the app: Calm. 

It does what it says, and it's a fantastic way to learn mindful meditation for beginners. 

On my way to my internship on the tube. Every morning I will (hopefully) find a seat, close my eyes, and listen to the guided meditation on the app. Fingers crossed that I won't pass my stop!

5. Learn a new musical instrument

Thinking back to my happy childhood, I had many hobbies - probably to find out what I was good at? And one of the many hobbies was playing a musical instrument. 

When was the last time I tried to learn a song? Years ago. 

This Christmas I was given a ukulele. Thanks Mum!

I'm really excited to learn something new, I've never played anything in the guitar family before, so my ukulele is a start-up to strumming some chords and learning what a 'tab' really is. 

A ukulele is a pretty easy instrument to carry, so it'll be a fantastic friend to enjoy whenever I'm in the mood. 


And that's all folks.

I think that's all, there's so many things I want to start up or be better at.

But I won't bombard you with my list.

Have a great weekend!