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If you follow my Instagram you would have seen that I took a quick getaway to Rome. My boyfriend and I thought waiting two months until we next saw each other was a bit too long, so we both checked on Sky Scanner to find what the cheapest countries were to us to fly to. He was flying in from England. I was flying in from Malta.
It sounds like an introduction to a RomCom about long distance relationships!

I've been to Italy before, somewhere in the north to go skiing. Did I fall in love with it there? Um, not really, it was just like any other European country with snowy mountains. So my expectations for Rome weren't so high. 

My advice to someone travelling is to lower your expectations of that place. Trust me - I'm not being pessimistic. I've just been to many places where I've spent hours hunting what it'll look like on Pinterest. And then when I get there I would realise that everything isn't in that Gingham or Lark filter. 

So maybe it's because my expectations were lower, or maybe because I didn't do my research - but I fell in love with Rome. So quickly and so deeply, not just a crush, a deep love. 

I know Rome is one of the best cities in the world but I didn't know it'd be that spectacular. 

Being in Malta I've been deprived of trees and greenery. It was so refreshing to be surrounded by nature like this, but even more pleasant that I'm surrounded by the that looked like this. It's so childish but it reminds me of Hercules. I know Hercules is to do with Greek mythology but those high trees in the background could easily me pictured next to Disney's Mount Olympus.

The apartments are painted gorgeously. It's like a dulux colour strip - different tones of orange and pink and red. 

Did you know that it is actually ok to drink from these taps. Ok I didn't risk it. But you'd see them dotted around the streets.

The best scenes of Rome are from high up. You get to see the old churches, the busy streets, the parks.

Luckily Rome is quite a small city, well not small but everything you need to see close by. I didn't even take a taxi or the bus (but gladly our hotel room was opposite The Pantheon). So spending a few days in Rome is fine because you can jam pack each day.

This statue of Julius Caesar just highlights how Rome was the capital of the world at one time. So many great leaders walked on the same ground as me.

I do wish that I went more to museums, because the ones that I went to were magical. You'd be looking at the ceiling, then looking at the marbles floor, then finally noticing what's on display. Just so much to take in.

One of the best part of the trip was walking down the car-free cobble streets at night. After a few glass of vino and my belly full from spaghetti, it was the best way to get back to the hotel.

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