It's nearly Christmas. It's nearly the end of 2016.

The best way to round it off is to do a blog post everyday.

A blog post everyday you say?

I will try my hardest, my hardest attempt to give you all a blog to read leading up to the 25th December. Or maybe until the end of 2015!

Think of it as your daily dose of nothing sweeter than Kara. Plus I'm less calories than your Cadbury chocolate calendar.

Your blog advent calendar!

I don't think I will do every post dedicated to Christmas. I'm nowhere near your Buddy Elf sharing the merry vibes.

But I see it as a new and exciting challenge for me. I've never done this before and I really hope I can stick to it.

I'll be sharing photography, fashion, lifestyle, film and review posts.

At the end of this I will see what I truly love writing about.

So... follow or add or bookmark - just do whatever you can to cyber-stalk me throughout this month!

Much love
Happy holidays!

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