"If your spirits feel a bit low and melancholy, you can blame it on the Moon. You’re just more likely to see the negative or at least the practical side of things. Don’t let limitations break your spirit or kill your optimism. Stay open-minded and mellow, regardless of how things look."
Horoscopes by The Saturn Sisters

To my fellow Libras, if today feels like a sucky day. Blame the moon.
I woke up feeling queasy from last nights drinks. I was too cold to get out of bed. I turned on my laptop and watched about four episodes of Scandal.
I'm not really in the mood to blog, but I want to show my commitment so I'll carry on writing. 
I have blog posts lined up, but I haven't started them yet. Maybe tomorrow I will. 
I always say tomorrow. I'll never say next week because it sounds too far away, even though I'll probably end up doing it next week. 
But we all have yucky days. And today is mine. 
Instead of groaning in bed, I decided to watch a Christmas film. 
In December it's my way to cheer myself up.
I watched Four Christmases with a tray of Cadbury cookies. A good film and good food. 
This is a lifestyle blog, so I will be frank and say that not everyday is full of action. Yesterday was, as you can see. 
But what I dislike in the blogging community is that many bloggers feel inadequate, that their lives are not as cool or trendy as those blog famous people. 
We think, why am I not going to a florists, to spend the day picking out roses that match our bedroom decor? 
Why am I not catching up with friends over coffee wearing my floppy felt hat on?
I hate to say it. 
But sometimes these bloggers are actually spending their day in bed. Wondering how when they will get paid from that ad they slyly promoted last week.
They upload pictures of them looking happy and stylish. 
Us readers tend to think that their life - is perfect.
But those pictures may have been take 8 days ago, when the sun was shining and on a good hair day.
Those photo are just photos, how can we prove that the smile on their face is real?
So I ask today...
Why do we take things online so seriously?
Everyone has bad days, right?

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  1. Yes Kara! I completely 100% agree with you and I love how honest this post is. I've been suffering with winter-syndrome recently, just feeling de-motivated and can't be bothered, and it's definitely affecting my inspiration. Reading this has reminded me that maybe having down days is just a part of being human. How wise you are!

    Ruby Xx