It does get cold but you can still go to the beach in November/December!

Stray cats roam the streets here so freely, but they are usually fed by people that notice them.

There's a lot about Maltese history that I still haven't learnt more about.

They leave their rubbish in plastic bags out on the street, so beware for those flies when you pass them by!

Everyone drives. Only elderly and non-Maltese take the bus. 

The bus systems s u c k s. They arrive really late or really early or not at all. So if you need to take a bus and be on time, leave an hour before.

They love pizza. 

Maltese wine is really good and stupidly cheap. 

We won't see any buildings made from bricks. They build from limestone. 

Bugibba is full of English tourists and residents. 

2 for 1 cocktails will be your best friend. 

There's lots of cultural events and places to go to. 

But there's also lots of clubbing events. 

The temperature hasn't dropped past 15 degrees, it's December. 

E-cabs is the best way to get around. White taxis are your enemies. 

Maltese love us Brits. 

They understand and copy 'British' humour. 

Grocery shopping is a bit more expensive than your normal shop back home. Everything is imported so it's more pricey. And options can be limited. 

Lots of shops shut really early. Or doesn't open at all. 

Bars and clubs shut really late, I still haven't partied until they close.

Most Maltese people can speak around three different languages. Maltese, English and Italian/French/Spanish/German. 

Don't complain too much about how small Malta is. 

They smoke in clubs, even though you're not allowed (naughty naughty) so don't bother washing your hair before you go out. 

You are bound to meet someone that used to live or near your hometown. 

There are beautiful homes, with bright coloured doors and interesting doorknobs. 

That's all I can think of now. I'll probably do another post like this when I leave Malta for good in January.

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  1. This is so interesting! I love reading fun facts about cities like this. Do write more.