I can't really say that I have experience winter yet this year. The Maltese say it's winter right now, they wear their boots and puffer jacket to university. As I look around campus it is obvious to find international students, they are the ones still wearing shorts or a long sleeve t-shirt. Because for us foreigners this could be June or May in our country - certainly not December.

It is a public holiday today in Malta. So we all decided to head to the beach, Golden Bay, for a BBQ on a cliff. I can say, and many others agree, that I had a BBQ in December. After you look at these pictures you may think I'm in a complete different month to yours. Be jealous. 

I won't have this for a very long as I'll be flying home next week. And then leaving Malta for good in February. I have to just soak up the sun and this public holiday. Off to the bar now!

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  1. Beautiful photos! Malta looks so nice :)
    "Be jealous" oh yes I am! Even tough I love to wrap myself in a cosy blanket and sit by the fire place in December, I wouldn't mind being in a place like this and have a freaking BBQ in December!
    x Val / Valerie Randomness