Driving home for Christmas. And this time I'll be flying home for Christmas. 

Tis the season of long car journeys. Seeing family members for dinners and dropping off presents to the household of loved ones, like Santa. If you get a bit sick of those merry and cheesy and over-played Christmas songs, then I have the perfect cruising playlist for you. 

Half way through my list I realised that each song name had something to do with driving, or locations. It wasn't intentional at first! And when I saw this pattern I kept going with it. 

I don't actually drive, but as a passenger it is obligatory to be the car DJ. 

These are all favourites of mine. Simple melodies and not too much going on to distract you. 

Wonderful background noise. 


Skrillex Ride Home

Bon Iver Woods

Kanye West Drive Slow

Kings of Leon Cold Desert

Haim Go Slow

The Weeknd Coming Down

London Grammar Stay Awake

Ben Khan Drive (Part 1)

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  1. I love this playlist, Chelsea. I'm loving the vibes, and gosh, these photos!

    May | THE MAYDEN