My Maltese Experience... So Far


I have successfully made it through my first week at University of Malta. I am a part of a study abroad program that is very popular for European students called Erasmus.

I am spending a semester miles away from home.

I was terribly anxious in the beginning. I didn't know what Malta would be like. Every day I would look at strangers #Malta photos on Insta to find a sense of what my new home entails. It looked pleasant. Sunny. Blue sea. An alluring Mediterranean mood. I smiled.

And then I frowned. It was not that I would miss the dismal skied London, or the overpriced lifestyle. It was the fact that I was leaving home. Leaving familiarity. Becoming foreign.

I would repeat to myself, 'but I'm a traveller! I love change and exploring.'

What was so different about doing this?

I had a sense of trepidation. And I couldn't shake it off.

It was only until the departure day. My family told me:

"it's okay to be nervous - it shows you are human. Everything will turn out to be alright - because that's how life goes. Make this experience worth it - you may be seated in at your office chair for the rest of your working life."

When I arrived in Malta. I was fanned by its decrepit beauty. It's not a modern country as others in Europe however it is like a picture. 


  1. So proud of you baby girl! Hope you're having the best time of your life! Miss you!!

  2. Oh, how I wish I was on the Erasmus programme! Can't even imagine how scared you must feel, moving to a new country all on your own, but I'm sure this semester will be an absolute blast for you. Love that quote as well!

    Ses RĂªveries by Karina So.

  3. Wow! These photos are beautiful. I've really, really wanted to visit Malta since seeing a bit more about it recently especially in the Blogosphere... so it must be so exciting to be doing a year abroad there! Best of luck with everything

    -Ruby Xx