Instagram Issue: Who To Follow #1


The latest 'you-must-follow-on-instagram!'

Courtney Shannon will make you wish that fonts like these were available on Microsoft Word. Wouldn't we get more marks on our essays if the font was to die for?
Her work is used as artwork, signs on shops, wedding invitations and even tattoos!
This has inspired me to create a poster with my favourite quote in the style of her handwriting. Something to look at every morning and jump out of bed with bursts of positivity. 

There's a calming and minimalistic tone that I love about this Insta. It's pretty edgy, so that will make you double tap every picture. I would definitely trade mine with hers!

If you're not following her, then what are you doing on Instagram? The headless effortlessly and stunning outfit post makes you want to re-work your everyday causal attire. Life is too short to wear comfy leggings and a jumper everyday - so throw on your ripped denims, strappy heels with your slouchy tailored jacket.

I can't remember how I started following her but I stayed following ever since. She's the party girl - but not the Paris Hilton kind of way. She's the cool girl. The ultimate cool girl that I wonder what her career is, what kind of apartment does she live in, where's her favourite beach destination? Am I starting to sound like a stalker now? Don't mean to. 
Going through her Insta I'm embarrassingly saying GOALS. Beach bod goals, boyfriend goals, cool friends goals, outfit goals, posing for pictures goals... and the list goes on.


  1. love all these accounts

  2. These accounts are all so cool! Definitely going to follow @elizakessell x

  3. Thanks for mentioning my account! X