Kara Chelsie: July 2015

Instagram Issue: Who To Follow #1


Instagram Issue: Who To Follow #1

The latest 'you-must-follow-on-instagram!'

Courtney Shannon will make you wish that fonts like these were available on Microsoft Word. Wouldn't we get more marks on our essays if the font was to die for?
Her work is used as artwork, signs on shops, wedding invitations and even tattoos!
This has inspired me to create a poster with my favourite quote in the style of her handwriting. Something to look at every morning and jump out of bed with bursts of positivity. 

There's Something In The Flares


There's Something In The Flares

We were introduced to flare many decades ago, and now I'm proud to say that they are back. 

Flared trousers, bell bottoms or just known as flares.

They are the magic weapon for creating your legs to look slimmer and longer. You can definitely sense the 70s boho vibe when they are glamorously pulled off. 

Last year I told my friend that they are making a modern 21st century comeback. In the kindest way ever, he basically asked if I was okay? The trousers alone can seem a bit strange, but pair it with a crop top and floppy hat - now that's the style.





Although I don't think flares are back in fashion yet for men...