Kara Chelsie: March 2015

Diary Issue: March


Diary Issue: March
I've been trying to juggle a social life, work life, uni life and a blogging life. It's coming to the end of March and I've realised that I've done a handful of posts this month. 

I've had ideas. And I've had a bit of free time now I'm on my Easter break. But I haven't been motivated to blog.

Normally when I feel unmotivated or constantly procrastinating, I read books such as Nasty Gal or The Secret. They convince me to work hard and think positively. With a low sum of money in my account, counting down the days until my student loan comes through, unfortunately money has been on my mind. Stopping me from thinking creatively.

I may be too young to be worried about money. I've just landed myself a part-time job, and my parents say they are always there... I can't help but fantasise about what I'll do if I had more money.  

The first one is to travel. I do have a few holidays booked for this summer, but I want to explore a country more than just 10 days.

Unluckily in this world money can play a part to a person's happiness. I wouldn't say money buys happiness, although money can purchase plane tickets to please the wanderlust me.


There's so many things that I am itching to do that sadly requires money. Get a tattoo (even though I have no clue about what I want), buy a new wardrobe (for the shallow me), buy a new SLR camera, venture to new places and try new cuisines.

There's a lot of desires in life where money is needed. 

On a happier note, this past week I have fulfilled some of my desires on a small or no-cost-at-all budget. 

*happy days*

A requirement of having a dog is walking them. On rainy days, it's an annoyance. But when you feel like venturing to new places, it's pleasurable. 

I was taken to Beeleigh Falls, a small falls that you wouldn't believe is in Essex. Of course we walked there, so my desire of discovering a new place was free. 

I was astonished by how scenic this place really was. Taking photos on my iPhone, I realised that the camera is actually better than I thought. Maybe another SLR is not needed.

Another day, we walked to the Promenade. Brought a slushy float that cost about £1.20. Strawberry ice slushy with a smooth ice cream on top. I guess I can tick trying new cuisine off the list.

As small or little exciting these events may seem to you, they proved to me that I don't need lots of money to tick things of my 'want list'. I can still enjoy everything around me while I earn more money. 

'The best things in life are free'

- Vandross, Jackson