Kara Chelsie: February 2015

The Hair Issue: 13 Pictures To Convince You To Get Silver Ombré


The Hair Issue: 13 Pictures To Convince You To Get Silver Ombré
No more blondes or browns. It's 2015, let's be futuristic.

(I like to say silver but some may say grey)

The last one may not be ombré but it's a pretty damn cool colour.


Diary Issue: Valentine's Weekend


Diary Issue: Valentine's Weekend
This year Valentine's fell perfectly on a Saturday. This meant I could spend the whole weekend venturing London with my beau.

The past three weeks he had been toying a surprise for me on Valentine's night. I wasn't expecting the usual or clichéd outings that any guy would surprise his gal to. I expected to be treated to something that we collectively love, but with a twist. And my predicts were right. Cocktails are my fav. Especially when the bar is underground in a dark and loud location.

The London Cocktail Club.

There are a few branches in London, I went to the one on Goodge Street. At first I thought he was talking me to a barbers, 'surprise you're getting your head shave!' But then I saw people coming out from stairs beneath. It felt like we were heading to a secret bar like in The Great Gatsby. The bartenders gave a big welcoming 'HEY THERE' when we walked through the door. I don't know how I heard them shouting amongst the reminiscent 00s songs and the loud chatter from the drinkers.

My boyfriend reserved a table for us, I couldn't thank him enough. There were only a few tables in this bar, it was more of a stand, drink and socialised place. I wasn't in that mood for standing all night especially after galloping in booted heels to the tube station, because he thought we'd be late.

I ordered the Brixton Riot; a lychee and passionfruit Martini cocktail accompanied with a blue fiery flame, and Fortune Cookie; a gin based fruity beverage served in a Chinese soup bowl along with an actual fortune cookie. It was very peculiar drinking from a bowl with straws, must say it's an experience. My boyfriend ordered a very sweet disaronno based cocktail, Movie Night, served in a plastic popcorn box with actual popcorn inside. He also tried some Butter Beer cocktail... butterscotch... mmmm.

I had such a great evening, it was a wonderful surprise. I must go back, and you must go there!


The Awards Issue: Lily's Nail Game


The Awards Issue: Lily's Nail Game
This is the award-giving season. The Grammys, BAFTAs, Oscars and many respectable more give thanks to the people out there that make our world filled with inspiration and creativity.

I'd like to give thanks to Lily Allen. Not just for her Girl Power music, but for her nails.

Her nail game is strong. The strongest I have ever seen. So please move over you basics out there.

Her Instagram is flooded with pics of her ever-changing talented painted talons. They aren't just painted... they are studded, embroidered, dusted, coated and beaded with the most imaginative, unusual and daring features.

She could make the Harajuku girls on the streets of Tokyo envy of her super kawaii floral designs.

Allen flaunts her appreciation of rap geniuses Pac and Biggie.

There's ombréd and tie-dyed, oh-so-edgy nails.

Stenciled on weed leafs, that Miley Cyrus probably fancies.

And Cyrus can take notes of Allen's twerking hot mama nails, proudly shaking their thang on the pointy tips.

There are encrusted gems and jewels that remind me of every single Dolce and Gabbana RTW collection.

And is it even possible to turn Chanel ghetto fabulous, in a very pleasant way? 

The award for the Hardest Nail Game of the Year: Lily Allen.

There were no runners up or nominees. 

Sorry, but not sorry.