Serious Issue: What Do You Say?


*Beware: May contains photos of no make-up.

A serious question time.

On Wednesday was the first time in a while that I managed to crawl out of bed 40mins before I needed to leave for lectures (thank you to everyone who clapped). Generally I give it 20mins. Run into the shower and spin into any clothes like the Tasmanian Devil.

I have to admit, I'm pretty damn impressed that I can shower, brush my teeth and do my hair and somehow find a good-enough casual outfit in that space of time.

'BRAVO BRAVO!' - I hear you all cry.

But today didn't have a bravo start.

Giving myself an extra 20mins meant that I could put on a YouTube vlog in the background and maybe apply some make up on. But this time, looking at myself in the mirror, I didn't need any make up.

I've been trying to drink my 2L of water a day, and eating my fruit and veg, in which contributes to clearer skin. I didn't feel the need to slab on my tinted moisturiser (but looking at the picture now I definitely needed more colour to my sparsely eyebrows). I was kinda feeling that 'make up free' thang.

Feeling cheery before my lecture I skipped into my kitchen where I found my housemate.

"Wow, you look like crap.

Did you just wake up?"

[insert the annoyed emoji face]

After my offended comebacks she then patronisingly said,

"All you need is a bit of concealer, my dear."

[insert the little purple angry devil face]

This brings me to my serious question of the day is... Do we (ladies) really need make up to mask our tiredness every morning? Why can't we tell the world that I life is too busy for us to care about our looks? Do we always have to follow the rules of beauty?

I' guessing we need to wake up an extra 20mins earlier so it doesn't look like we've woken up 20mins later.

I'm not the kind of girl to care too much about what others think of my appearance.

But is it a crime, a crime in the book of girl code, to look tired?

What is everyone else thinking?


  1. I love makeup, I've worked in the industry, I read about it everything. Yet it still baffles me why we judge women who n their looks when they wear none. It's a bit of a catch 22 but it drives me crazy!,

    Joanna xx

  2. Everyone's mind set has been polluted with what the commerce dictates. We are now programmed to think the beauty is in the likes of the models and artists we see on tv, movies, and magazines. If you're nothing like them then you're the otherwise. Very sad indeed!

    Jo of

  3. What do you mean 'beware'?! You look fab without makeup, missy

    Anything & Everything | Bloglovin'

  4. you look beautiful! Personaly I love makeup but I could never understand their way of thinking, all people should wear makeup 24/7, unless they look like crap?:S

  5. I think no make-up is a very natural "style", we love differ style right? :) I think we don't need to care about what others think, women do make-up/ dressing up, to feel beautiful, to feel happy for herself.

    I like your blog, things you talked about are very down to earth, and through your posts I can feel the real you and the lovely personality too! Keep going!!

    I am a new blogger so browsing around blogs and blogs, will follow you on other social networks, hope we can support each other! <3 Have a good day xxx

    my blog is
    Twitter: heaology