Kara Chelsie: January 2015

Serious Issue: What Do You Say?


Serious Issue: What Do You Say?
*Beware: May contains photos of no make-up.

A serious question time.

On Wednesday was the first time in a while that I managed to crawl out of bed 40mins before I needed to leave for lectures (thank you to everyone who clapped). Generally I give it 20mins. Run into the shower and spin into any clothes like the Tasmanian Devil.

I have to admit, I'm pretty damn impressed that I can shower, brush my teeth and do my hair and somehow find a good-enough casual outfit in that space of time.

'BRAVO BRAVO!' - I hear you all cry.

But today didn't have a bravo start.

Giving myself an extra 20mins meant that I could put on a YouTube vlog in the background and maybe apply some make up on. But this time, looking at myself in the mirror, I didn't need any make up.

I've been trying to drink my 2L of water a day, and eating my fruit and veg, in which contributes to clearer skin. I didn't feel the need to slab on my tinted moisturiser (but looking at the picture now I definitely needed more colour to my sparsely eyebrows). I was kinda feeling that 'make up free' thang.

Feeling cheery before my lecture I skipped into my kitchen where I found my housemate.

"Wow, you look like crap.

Did you just wake up?"

[insert the annoyed emoji face]

After my offended comebacks she then patronisingly said,

"All you need is a bit of concealer, my dear."

[insert the little purple angry devil face]

This brings me to my serious question of the day is... Do we (ladies) really need make up to mask our tiredness every morning? Why can't we tell the world that I life is too busy for us to care about our looks? Do we always have to follow the rules of beauty?

I' guessing we need to wake up an extra 20mins earlier so it doesn't look like we've woken up 20mins later.

I'm not the kind of girl to care too much about what others think of my appearance.

But is it a crime, a crime in the book of girl code, to look tired?

What is everyone else thinking?

The Photography Issue: New Photography Blog


The Photography Issue: New Photography Blog
I'd have to admit that I get bored very easily. Too easily. When I find something new, inventive and stimulating, three weeks later guaranteed I'll get bored of it. Maybe I have ADHD, or perhaps it's the simple mind of a twenty year old living in the ever-changing 21st century.

But on a brighter side I believe it's a part of my personality of liking change. 

Anyway, let's relate this characteristic of mine to the title of this blog post. 

I received a wonderful Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera three years ago. I don't want to say I became bored of it, it's more of I didn't know how to use it. I experimented, got a few pretty and many crap photos. I prefer the trial and error method, rather than reading a dull black and white 'how to' guide. However I realised to achieve the maximum excellence of this camera, I actually do need to read these guides - and somehow find a way from getting bored. 

Where I'm living at the moment isn't the loveliest places in England. But this shouldn't stop me from practising! No siree! 

I solemnly swear, for this up-and-coming blog, that I will show my progressing work. 

I'll post some snaps on here, but I also have a new Tumblr blog dedicated to just photography. 

Anyone want a cheeky sneaky quick peak of what's to come?

These are my favourite snaps from my trip to Cuba, 2013. 

There's a bigger blog post on my older blog if you want to read and see more.

The Addiction Issue: My Confession


The Addiction Issue: My Confession
I have a confession.

I am an addict.

It all started under two months ago.

Someone told me it was the greatest thing to do at the moment.

And everyone is doing it.

They said when you're bored, you can do it to pass the time.

I knew that I became addicted when I didn't solely do it when I was bored. I did it all the time.

I'm actually quite embarrassed to tell everyone. But I want you to know that it'll all be alright.

My name is Kara, and I'm a Kim Kardashian: Hollywood App addict.

Our Kimmy is making a hack load of cash from this free app. It's now worth a mighty $200m, with over 22 million devoted players.

I'm not the type to store games on my phone. My little cousins have finally realised that they cannot ask me, 'please may I play on your phone?'

Because Kara Don't Play Games.

And this enticing app is more than a game. It is a virtual lifestyle. I've created lil' mini celeb me. I've purchased a stunning wardrobe, played around with adorable hairstyles and attempted to receive a killer 5 star for every task I do. I started from the bottom, and now imma on the A-List.

I don't really know why I still play this game. I'm getting sick of re-using the hairstyles, and every update that brings out new clothes you have to use your terribly valuable K-stars. It's becomes boring when the tasks lasts for 8 or more hours, and when your clingy date/boyfriend/husband keeps on belling you up saying that he misses you.

Despite this, I'm still playing it. And I can't stop.

My new goal is too get tons of K-stars to buy new shoes and clothes. Then after I accomplish that? I want to get the highest possible level. And then after I win that? Maybe find a new game (I hear Lindsay Lohan has a new celebrity game).

But before you judge me any further, just have a look at my cute outfits.

My NYE fab outfit:

Me on my wedding day when I married Dirk Diamonds:

On da beach for my honeymoon in Mexico:

Just strutting the streets of Beverly Hills:

Me hearing that my nemesis Willow Pape is chatting crap about me:

Just repping that band tee:

Come and get me papz:

 Me and my cousin (my actual cousin) killing that perfomance:

Partying with my other Kardash gal pals. Khloe looks gorgeous:

And this is me now. Gone for a slightly lighter hair colour. Look at all those K-Stars! #ballin':

The Hair Edition: New Year, Old Me... But With Better Hair


The Hair Edition: New Year, Old Me... But With Better Hair
Finally I have time to blog.

I'm currently studying at university and it's all been a bit hectic recently.

But I'm back on track now!

A new memory card for my camera is currently in the post, so there will be more photography up.

But firstly, before I mention anything else... Happy 2015 everyone! I'm six days late but I know everyone is still wishing each other 'happy new year' blessings.

January is the time when everyone is succeeding/failing their new year resolutions. The whole 'new year, new me' craze. Ask me what my new year resolutions are, they are probably still the same as last years. I'm happy with who I am, so why change?

...Despite that I do need to amp up the healthier meals at uni, I can't survive on breakfast bars and PomBears.

OK. So I say I don't what to change anything, but there's just one thing I wish to bring some newness to.

My hair.

We are all getting bored with the cliche ombre dip dye. It's the typical inspiring-fashionista style (sorry but not sorry to anyone who suits this description). Since I've had it before, I kinda miss it. I miss how just my hair can brighten any dull outfit. It made my non-planned outfits look like I belonged on Stockholm Streetstyle.

I'm bringing it back this year. But with sophistication. I'm twenty now, not seventeen. I'm thinking more of a balayage ombre. Balayage means hand painted; more like ombre highlights than dip dye.

I'm gonna do it! And do it myself too. It's risky, but I see myself as a fairly skilled self taught (by the YouTube) hairstylist.

Here's my inspo. Only realising my Pinterest hairspo is looking like a Khloe Kardashian appreciation page:

This one is my ultimate inspo

What do we think? Lovin' or hatin' ?