The Home Edition Issue: Evergreen


When I first moved into my new room at the start of university, something seemed very off. 

White walls... I can live with that, greyish brown rugged carpet... my feet will cope, vertical blinds... not the best but at least I can get the sun peering through in the mornings. 

Once I unpacked my belongings the room became a bit more comforting, though it still wasn't homely. I looked around, focusing on what was missing. 

Green. Greenery. Mother Nature's gift. Well, one of her many generous gifts. I realised that was what I was missing. Apparently due to our evolutionary history, when there is an absence of nature it can become very distressing for us humans. I completely agree.

I would like you all to meet my greeny friends. 

First off is my 'used to be' rose plant. Unfortunately the rose have fallen off, very short lived (was that my fault?) fortunately I am left with a cluster of lively leaves.

 This is my cactus.

An unusual kind don't you think?
I love it. It's not the first plant that someone would pick up, right? Like an estrange and unwanted dog in the dingy shelter, I gave my cactus a home.

An aloe vera plant is a must in any household. They do tend to overgrow into a monster of spikes, however they are highly beneficial in regards to skin irritations. They contain natural antiseptics and allivates dry skin (and also dry hair), treats cuts and sunburns.

The perks of having a cactus and an aloe vera plant is that they require very little water and can survive in desert like environments. Essential for all forgetful students like me.   

My plan is to collect more plants and cover my entire shelf in them. If anyone has any suggestions on what should be my next plant, please let me know!

Check out Stylist's article on how to make a house a home! 


  1. I do have an aloe vera also, it cures nearly every issue :)
    xoxo Colli || my Blog - TOBEYOUTIFUL || Bloglovin

  2. Beautiful pics ^^

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  3. I want some plants for my home too. Those are beautiful! <3
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  4. Fantastic post, thanks for sharing! <3 I'm your newest follower by the way!

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  5. Must be very daunting starting university and especially moving to a new flat. I wish you the very best. I love aloe vera plants and yes indeed it has many benefits for any trouble skins.

    You have such a lovely blog and hope you come visit by my blog.


  6. oooh I need an aloe vera in my room and your cactus is really cute!
    ✄ blog

  7. Great post! :) Your plants are so cute aw!!

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