The Home Edition Issue: All Things Come In Little Packages


As a born and bred Londoner, who stubbornly thinks that there is no other city better than London, I have now accepted the fact that when it is my time to leave the nest - I will undoubtedly not be able to afford any sort of dwelling in my perfect home town.

A North London 200 square feet home has been sold for £275,000. In this miniature property you could be snuggled up in bed watching your beloved Netflix whilst keeping an eye on your burning grilled bacon in the kitchen. 

This property shows how cramped London housing can be and how extraordinarily pricey they are.

After some thought, it drawn upon me that maybe we don't really need that much space? As claustrophobic as I feel looking at these pictures, I developed an idea that maybe all these extra square miles and feet are unnecessary. This property has all that a home really needs; a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and lounge in a terribly modest size.

A few weeks after being bewildered by this DailyMail online article I began to see similar ones, however they were praising and honouring these minuscule homes.

I guess they can be called boutique small houses. They range from 100 -400 square feet and usually cost between £10,000 to £15,000. It offers a chance to live debt and mortgage free. These abodes may be the future of living for first time buyers and particularly graduates who are used to living in closeness and confinement.

This means you can spend all your money on having an impeccably tasted decorated house with valuable furniture and classy antiques.

A savy architect graduate who wished for an apartment in London found a derelict public underground loo and transformed it into a cosy, practical and stylish one bedroom flat. After hurdles of trying to purchase the property from the council she made her 'quirky and fun [home] that would breathe life back into a neglected part of the local landscape'.


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