The Celeb Issue: Will The Kimye Obsession Ever Die Down?


Kim Kardashian is breaking the internet. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, you name it. Her double glazed doughnut derrière is the hot topic right now. It's just egging on Tumblr folks to create as many memes and parodies as possible.

But her 'is it real or not' arse it's worrying me. It's her handbag. Her Hermes handbag. Her Hermes handbag that she carried proudly in front of paparazzi. But it's not just any Hermes bag, oh no, I'm sure she has hundreds. It's a Hermes that her daughter painted all over. Painted? Let's say graffitied.

A Hermes bag can cost up to $60,000 (over £30,000). A bag like this would be funded by several hundred piggy banks.

Kim received this bag as a gift for her 34th birthday.

As sweet as it is, your mum boastfully prancing around wearing your decorative creation, I can't help to judge how disturbing this really is.

Maybe I'm looking into this too much, but would we spend all that money on a bag just to be splashed with paint? I know they are super-rich, probably the richest celebs on the market. But couldn't they have got a blank canvas, plain white t-shirt or even a less expensive bag to illustrate?

I get the expression that they gloat how fashion forward and breaking boundaries Kimye and their little family can be. I feel as if everything they do together is just to create a reaction and to hear a response. Yes, the public wants to hear more gossip about them than our own Royal family. But does anyone else think that they are performing outlandish behaviour just to stay in the public eye?

I'm getting a bit tiredsome of the Kimye faze, but it's everywhere I look.


  1. Can't understand the hype, I mean, shes beautiful without doubt, but don't want to see her everyday in the tv...
    xoxo Colli // my Blog - TOBEYOUTIFUL // Bloglovin

  2. I'm not a fan of her really... Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!!