Sunday Inspiration Issue: Kylie Jenner


Let's talk about fashion's newcomer. Daughter of an olympian, sister to the next supermodel. Kylie was born to be in the spotlight. Her style is my favourite at the moment and my absolute favourite look out of the Jenner/Kardashian bundle. I'm not too bothered about who she's dating or who's her best friend - I just want to what she dares to wear next.

She chooses a clean colour palette, mainly white, black, blues and dark hues. She leaves the boldness to her hair colour. She stuns her Instagram fans with her choice of ripped jeans and thigh high boots. Not gonna lie, I have recently brought a pair of suede thigh high boots... I blame her. 

She's been a style fan of mine for the past months and she keeps on getting better and louder. Here's to you Kylie, I dedicate this Sunday Inspiration to you!

(pinterest, kyliejennerfashionstyle, collage created by myself by fotor)


  1. Ah I really love kylie´s style. Very cool and a bit edgy x3

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  2. She is really beautiful, like her rebel style!
    Also like a lot your blog, promise be very interesting, so I am your new follower on GFC, bloglovin and twitter!
    Hope you follow back and we stay in touch!

  3. I find that Kylie has the most distinct and unique style out of their clan! You immediately recognize "Kylie Jenner style"!

  4. she is the best from all the fabfamily.... thx for sharing!

  5. I agree that her style is worth watching - I'm with you on being uninterested in who's she dating or friends with blah blah! I love her transformation into something entirely unique and separate from the family, both her and Kendall seem to be coming into their own now and out of their sisters' shadows! Thanks for following my blog by the way, I've gladly followed you back! :)


  6. I LOVE her! Her style is amazing, and she has made me want thigh high boots as well aha!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog