Kara Chelsie: November 2014

The Outfit Issue: Knot and Wrap Up for Winter


The Outfit Issue: Knot and Wrap Up for Winter
This dress. Is the dress. The dress you instantly know that it will suit any occasion. Sophisticated enough to be formal, but a real beauty to show off certain assets. The grey compliments our frosty British winter, and paired with a gold necklace will bring a bit of colour back. I would also pair with black or brown ankle boots. My favourite feature is the knot in the middle, it forms a stunning draping that sits perfectly on me. Chic Empire sell SUCH gorgeous products that you must have a browse.  This dress was a bit of a bargain... £25 ! Worth every penny.

Another outfit post is nearly approaching!

Necklace: Urban Outfitters, Dress: Chic Empire, Ankle Boots: Forever 21

Sunday Inspiration Issue: Kylie Jenner


Sunday Inspiration Issue: Kylie Jenner
Let's talk about fashion's newcomer. Daughter of an olympian, sister to the next supermodel. Kylie was born to be in the spotlight. Her style is my favourite at the moment and my absolute favourite look out of the Jenner/Kardashian bundle. I'm not too bothered about who she's dating or who's her best friend - I just want to what she dares to wear next.

She chooses a clean colour palette, mainly white, black, blues and dark hues. She leaves the boldness to her hair colour. She stuns her Instagram fans with her choice of ripped jeans and thigh high boots. Not gonna lie, I have recently brought a pair of suede thigh high boots... I blame her. 

She's been a style fan of mine for the past months and she keeps on getting better and louder. Here's to you Kylie, I dedicate this Sunday Inspiration to you!

(pinterest, kyliejennerfashionstyle, collage created by myself by fotor)

The Home Edition Issue: Evergreen


The Home Edition Issue: Evergreen

When I first moved into my new room at the start of university, something seemed very off. 

White walls... I can live with that, greyish brown rugged carpet... my feet will cope, vertical blinds... not the best but at least I can get the sun peering through in the mornings. 

Once I unpacked my belongings the room became a bit more comforting, though it still wasn't homely. I looked around, focusing on what was missing. 

Green. Greenery. Mother Nature's gift. Well, one of her many generous gifts. I realised that was what I was missing. Apparently due to our evolutionary history, when there is an absence of nature it can become very distressing for us humans. I completely agree.

I would like you all to meet my greeny friends. 

First off is my 'used to be' rose plant. Unfortunately the rose have fallen off, very short lived (was that my fault?) fortunately I am left with a cluster of lively leaves.

 This is my cactus.

An unusual kind don't you think?
I love it. It's not the first plant that someone would pick up, right? Like an estrange and unwanted dog in the dingy shelter, I gave my cactus a home.

An aloe vera plant is a must in any household. They do tend to overgrow into a monster of spikes, however they are highly beneficial in regards to skin irritations. They contain natural antiseptics and allivates dry skin (and also dry hair), treats cuts and sunburns.

The perks of having a cactus and an aloe vera plant is that they require very little water and can survive in desert like environments. Essential for all forgetful students like me.   

My plan is to collect more plants and cover my entire shelf in them. If anyone has any suggestions on what should be my next plant, please let me know!

Check out Stylist's article on how to make a house a home! 

The Celeb Issue: Will The Kimye Obsession Ever Die Down?


The Celeb Issue: Will The Kimye Obsession Ever Die Down?
Kim Kardashian is breaking the internet. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, you name it. Her double glazed doughnut derrière is the hot topic right now. It's just egging on Tumblr folks to create as many memes and parodies as possible.

But her 'is it real or not' arse it's worrying me. It's her handbag. Her Hermes handbag. Her Hermes handbag that she carried proudly in front of paparazzi. But it's not just any Hermes bag, oh no, I'm sure she has hundreds. It's a Hermes that her daughter painted all over. Painted? Let's say graffitied.

A Hermes bag can cost up to $60,000 (over £30,000). A bag like this would be funded by several hundred piggy banks.

Kim received this bag as a gift for her 34th birthday.

As sweet as it is, your mum boastfully prancing around wearing your decorative creation, I can't help to judge how disturbing this really is.

Maybe I'm looking into this too much, but would we spend all that money on a bag just to be splashed with paint? I know they are super-rich, probably the richest celebs on the market. But couldn't they have got a blank canvas, plain white t-shirt or even a less expensive bag to illustrate?

I get the expression that they gloat how fashion forward and breaking boundaries Kimye and their little family can be. I feel as if everything they do together is just to create a reaction and to hear a response. Yes, the public wants to hear more gossip about them than our own Royal family. But does anyone else think that they are performing outlandish behaviour just to stay in the public eye?

I'm getting a bit tiredsome of the Kimye faze, but it's everywhere I look.

The Home Edition Issue: All Things Come In Little Packages


The Home Edition Issue: All Things Come In Little Packages
As a born and bred Londoner, who stubbornly thinks that there is no other city better than London, I have now accepted the fact that when it is my time to leave the nest - I will undoubtedly not be able to afford any sort of dwelling in my perfect home town.

A North London 200 square feet home has been sold for £275,000. In this miniature property you could be snuggled up in bed watching your beloved Netflix whilst keeping an eye on your burning grilled bacon in the kitchen. 

This property shows how cramped London housing can be and how extraordinarily pricey they are.

After some thought, it drawn upon me that maybe we don't really need that much space? As claustrophobic as I feel looking at these pictures, I developed an idea that maybe all these extra square miles and feet are unnecessary. This property has all that a home really needs; a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and lounge in a terribly modest size.

A few weeks after being bewildered by this DailyMail online article I began to see similar ones, however they were praising and honouring these minuscule homes.

I guess they can be called boutique small houses. They range from 100 -400 square feet and usually cost between £10,000 to £15,000. It offers a chance to live debt and mortgage free. These abodes may be the future of living for first time buyers and particularly graduates who are used to living in closeness and confinement.

This means you can spend all your money on having an impeccably tasted decorated house with valuable furniture and classy antiques.

A savy architect graduate who wished for an apartment in London found a derelict public underground loo and transformed it into a cosy, practical and stylish one bedroom flat. After hurdles of trying to purchase the property from the council she made her 'quirky and fun [home] that would breathe life back into a neglected part of the local landscape'.